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Thread: Long shot, but you never know

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    Long shot, but you never know

    Los Angeles County Homicide Investigators are seeking the public's assistance in locating and identifying the depicted females. The individuals portrayed in the photographs may have been victims of foul play between 1977 and 1984. Anyone with information on these females is urged to contact Homicide Investigators.

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    Huh? WTF is this about? Is this a serial killer hunt and all these women are the victims? Or is this some kind of joke or hoax?

    These women are pretty hot. As Morgan Freeman said in Kiss the Girls, "our boy's a looker."

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    Prostitutes are a popular choice among serial killers because it is perceived that nobody cares if they go missing bcuz they are only prostitutes. It is not as if they were "real" woman with families and people who care about them. Too often the police are very blaze when they get reports of a working girl gone missing.

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