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Thread: Ways to boost testosterone for bodybuilders

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    Ways to boost testosterone for bodybuilders

    Hey Olie, if you're still here, you'll be interested in this:

    A study at Knox College in Illinois recently concluded that men who handle guns see an increase in testosterone levels.

    The AMA interpreted this as evidence that men shouldn't have guns. It makes us more aggressive. When did being a man become a bad thing? When did testosterone become a bad thing? When did this title wave of estrogen begin?

    When I took my son for his recent checkup, I was asked if my left my rifle loaded. I humored her, but was tempted to say, "Oh yes, I leave it fully loaded with the safety off, you know, in case I'm attacked. I like to leave it within easy reach of my son, too, as opposed to locked up. I also like to let him alone when he bathes. I usually leave him a radio for entertainment and drano for any clogs."

    Other tips to increase t-levels from various bodybuilding and science magazines: eat red meat, eat a diet containing twice as many carbs as protein and consisting of about 30% fat, including some saturated fat, get about 18-20 calories per day, per pound of bodyweight, get enough zinc, don't drink and don't masturbate too much.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go fondle my rifle.
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    Horny Goat Weed
    Avena Sativa

    All these herbs will send your testosterone & libido skyrocketing

    And a little sustanon 250 wont hurt either

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    DHEA is an OTC supplement to help boost your testosterone level.

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