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Thread: Heat with Massage and Incall

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    Heat with Massage and Incall

    I recived info that there is or will be some heat in the massage and incall places on the Island of Montreal . Since i am not from here and i dont know a lawyer could someone tell me what could happen if one would get caught in an incall place with a sp or in a massage parlour .

    There is one massage place that was closed a few week's ago and i was told there is a major operation on the way in Montreal .

    Please dont take this as a ''rumor'' but more like informative . It is verry important to know the consequences when you do something to know what could happen .

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    french connection

    just to let other's know, in many school in the USA, they offer french course and a lot of people take that option. When i went to Newyork i was impress how much people were talking french. The ecthnic difference we have in montreal can also be found in a lot of other big city around the globe

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    TongueNCheek ,

    Im born in Bathurst N.B. but i lived a good part of my life in Europe . I just got off the boat !!! And im here to have a good time ...

    Thank god there is Heinekein

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