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Thread: NY writer mocks Stella at AIDS Conference

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    NY writer mocks Stella at AIDS Conference

    A columnist in (NY) Newsday, James P. Pinkerton, apparently was not impressed by the presence of the Montreal-based organization Stella

    at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto.

    AIDS activists misguided in goal to legitimize 'sex work'
    ...In fact, in this AIDS-conference world, prostitution - oops, sex work - is part of normal life. Nestled comfortably within the exposition area are many booths devoted to the sex trade, "The Star Whore Show," for example.

    One prominent group, Stella (, which bills itself as "by sex workers, for sex workers," has issued a manifesto, "Sex Workers, Human Rights, and the Fight Against HIV." In other words, Stella seeks to establish the right to be a "sex worker" as a human right, alongside, say, free speech.

    Most populations of the world are uncomfortable, to put it mildly, with this formulation of sexual-political rights - but of course, such queasiness didn't stop the Canadian government from funding Stella; the sex group also acknowledges funding from George Soros' Open Society Institute...
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    What a jerk!

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    James Pinkerton.... modern day Nazi....

    Go back to the bible thumping Pinkoton....

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    Quote Originally Posted by traveller_76
    I couldn't wrap my mind around the idea that sex-work is a right, particularly a woman's right.

    If we own nothing else in this universe, we should at least own our bodies.

    This means we should be allowed to sleep with whoever we want, and our neighbours have no business dictating who we can sleep with and on what terms we can choose these people. (with the usual caveats for infants and mentally deficient people of course.)

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    Stella is fighting for human rights for sex workers. The journalist has it backwards.

    Sex workers are frequently denied housing, police protection, medical care etc. This is what Stella is fighting for. The USA will not give AIDS funding to any organization that supports prostitutes. In Bush's view, prostitutes do not deserve AIDS funds.

    traveller_76>> I don't know when you worked for Stella but their stand point since I have known them (3 years now) has always been is that women are adults and can make up their own minds when it comes to choosing to do or not do sex work; and Not that sex-work is a basic human right.

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    Ironiquement ...!

    Just a little thing funny ...

    I was in Toronto during this event ...
    I did visite CN tower and the conferences where just beside CN entry.
    My hotel also ...

    Ironicaly, each time I was outside smoking a cigarette, somebody holding a bag with the mention - Aids Conference bla bla bla, that person was trying to hit on me!

    Just to say how some people can say stuff, think about some other and act not just like any of it!!!

    Only my 2 cents ...
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