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Thread: Lucie Laurier

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    Lucie Laurier

    Can anyone post the video or pics of Lucie Laurier nipple slip


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    Found it after a simple search on google....

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    Well why settle for a nipple?

    Click on the links for pics (you need to be a member to see vids).

    They are real and they are spectacular!

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    thanks guyz

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiderman05
    Personally I like her face, her voice and her acting, though I do not see anything spectacular about her nipple, am I missing sth here?
    If so, I am too. The nipple is great for novelty purposes of course, but what a great face. Actually the way the camerman was panning the tits was very unprofessional. You would think he might have got in trouble @ work? I've only seen her in Bon Cop/Bad Cop, but I've added every movie that Netflix has to offer with her in it, into my queue.

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    if you want to see more than his nipples .. her entire 2 titties, and in action go here she has a nice pair

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