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Thread: Don't marry career women? Furor over Forbes article

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    Question Don't marry career women? Furor over Forbes article

    There is a furor over an article posted on titled "Don't Marry Career Women." This guy opines that men that marry career women are unhappy because these women are more prone to cheat, not take care of the house and neglect their parenting duties:

    The article caused such an uproar that Forbes posted a counter opinion, "Don't Marry a Lazy Man."

    The author of the original article is now hiding under the witness protection program.


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    I love banging career women, but not marrying them.

    I just love those business suits, nylons, and pumps. My favorite!

    And one of my favorite web sites:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaempferrand
    So how many times are you going to pimp out that website?
    Sorry! Here's another one:

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    What if her profession is a SP?

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    Well I'm married to a carrer woman. She makes enough dough to hire a cleaning lady & many of our meals are prepared in advance by a chef. Warm it up & eat a great supper - my job is to open the bottle of wine & do the dishes... It's a great deal 'cause I don't feel like cooking either after my days work. When she is too busy & works late, I have my evening free to wander ... So what if she boinking that mail room guy ? I've got it pretty good, as long as she's all mine when she's home and I'm all hers !!!!

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