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Thread: Victoria Silvstedt a prostitute?

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    Victoria Silvstedt a prostitute?

    I guess this proves that everyone has a price, even a married former Playmate of the Year. I wonder how much she charges and who her client is? Lucky bastard!

    "In June 2006, Victoria and Chris threatened legal action against Sky News after pictures of her allegedly working as a prostitute in Sardinia went on the internet. Sky News had to remove the page. Other websites and blogs posted the full resolution pictures."

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    Maybe he's her new boyfriend...

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    True Love

    Maybe it'$ true love. Many of u$ find true love in my$teriou$ way$ and through other channel$. Don't be $o har$h to judge this woman. I'm $ure there are many redemming qualitie$ about the gentlemen that $he is with that none of u$ are awared. We $should be happy for her for true love nowaday$ is very hard to find.

    Good for her.
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ That much and I'll make you hollar.

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    Victoria pleasuring herself
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