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Thread: Favorite websites or those you run across that are interesting

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    Favorite websites or those you run across that are interesting

    Some of my favorites...

    One of the best sites that link to interesting stuff

    And cant forget their sister site

    And you cant forget kindgirls

    For those who miss college or just want to know what the girls are doing when they're at college

    For those who like airplanes...and what happens when they dont fly the way they should

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    Quote Originally Posted by martinl68
    No need to. Just start new threads with deeeep subjects (even if it's not, just claim they are). If you are careful, you ask the question in a manner that you can answer yourself and make yourself shine in the best way
    And never be afraid to attack anyone who will question you. Assert strongly how much you are essential for this board.
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    Good Luck
    WHOA !
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    Excellent the is right up there.

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    This one is a little sketchy at times but very cool:

    Oh ya you may want to hit "Straight Content" on the Browsing filter at the top of the page...
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    Good site for food

    This site isn't for fine dining. Use it if you want to grab something quick and cheap, but really good!
    I highly recommend using this site if you're ever in the Philadelphia or South Jersey area. The cheesesteaks and hoagies at most of these places are unreal! Enjoy...

    or click this link to go right to the philly section...

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    I think I got this one from Merb some time back. Are any of you guys in it?

    Concentration test (Merb material also?):

    These pages contain tools for calculating optimum heart rate for exercise:

    Like Wong Kar Wai? This site has reviews for hundreds (maybe thousands) of Hong Kong films:

    A CBC program (audio and some video) on a great Montrealer, Norman Bethune. His statue stands in Montreal outside Guy/Concordia Metro.

    Why is Haiti so poor? A essay on this question which no doubt some of you have asked yourselves.

    Still on the subject of Haiti, have some fun killing zombies:

    Wine information databases:

    Classic propaganda posters from China (for history buffs):

    24/7 streaming music videos from Africa:

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    I agree with you !

    Finally a post that will benefit the community...

    Ziggy Montana, I love it is great !
    Dont worrry about the world coming to
    an end, it is already tomorrow in Australia.

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    What was cool was that one of the other MERB members told me that the website is Montreal-based, and I had no idea about that originally.

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    Even though I am not a member, I occasionally visit this website.
    My other favorites are these

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