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Thread: What Is An "Alternative Interrogation Technique"?

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    What Is An "Alternative Interrogation Technique"?

    I see this term being used but I have no idea what it actually means, in reality. Can someone help me out? What is an "alternative interrogation technique"?

    Like is it what George Clooney had done to him in the movie Syriana?

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    Unfortunately they then discover that all the virgins look just like her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EagerBeaver
    What is an "alternative interrogation technique"?
    The best description is "torture lite". As Bush stated in his speach (and for obvious reasons) the exact techniques are secret.

    However, they are thought to include: restraints which maintain the subject in painful positions for long periods of time, sleep deprivation, continuous exposure to extremely loud sounds, modern waterboarding, sensory deprivation (through the use of hoods and spraypainted goggles), selective use of painkillers (for injured captives), etc.

    More details here.

    Some older US Torture manuals have been declassified.

    But in the end this doesn't matter one bit, since the US (through it's extraordinary renditions program) ships some suspects to allies which do torture (Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Egypt, etc.).

    Personally, I think I prefer using Alan Dershowitz's approach. Seems more honest and less prone to abuse.
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    I like the way Dershowitz lays that out. It does make sense and I could live with that. Someone needs to observe though to make sure some guidelines are followed. The needles under the finger nails type of torture is particularly barbaric. There are much more "humane" ways to elicit information such as "truth" drugs and psychological methods to wear someone down. Physically brutal torture should be avoided if possible, only used in the most dire of circumstances like a hidden nuke in a major city, then pull out the needles and give them a special manicure.
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