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Thread: Do You Like Taser Videos ? - Chk It OUT !

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    Do You Like Taser Videos ? - Chk It OUT !

    Hello !

    Nothing like a little Taser to get ya Moving.......

    "Get out of the Car or I'm gonna Tase You .................owowowowwwwwooowwwo"

    "Sir, put your hands behind your back"......."I gotta warrant for me, brother" .... "If you resist again"

    2 Guys being Tased w/50,000 Volts.....YIKES !

    The Evolution of the Taser...............


    ***How Shocking !***

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    I'm sorry, but I don't find this shit funny. Criminals or not, I think there are alot of truculent troglodytes in LE to begin with. They think the taser is safe, so they're real gung ho about using it. It's not safe, and to me LE comes across as a bunch of nazi's in these videos. I avoid the TV show COPS, but I've seen enough of it to think LE has too muchauthority in this country. If I'm in the minority, I don't care, I'm right.

    Eight days ago I was pulled over by a town cop for 'going over the yellow marker' which is a bullshit way of saying it was night and he thought he could collar himself a DUI, and when he found out I was sober, realized he'd probably made a mistake. I know the little shit who pulled me over. I flat out told him I hadn't crossed the yellow line, that he couldn't have seen anyway, as he was heading in the other direction, and that his premise for stopping me was bogus.

    And btw, I'm happy to receive any arguments, including those from cops, if you can defend your position. I know your job is dangerous, I'm the first to vote for pay raises for cops, but I'm also the first to expect more professionalism and restraint from them.
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