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Thread: How does pricing work?

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    Question How does pricing work?

    Hi guys, maybe you can help me out.Having never called an escort, I'm curious as to the pricing. When you see the price for an escort, and it's at $200/hr, is that just for the girl, and the driver and the time with the girl...and then you have to pay for the extras with the girl on top of the original $200?
    Thanks for your help

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    Usually, what the website quotes. Thats the final price. If the girl gives you great or amazing service, it never hurts to tip her an extra $20 just to show your appreciation.

    If you're new to this hobby. Read on a bit more from the forums and read which agencies are good and which ones to avoid. There are quite a few number of good agencies out there. My personal favourites;


    and a few others. Enjoy.

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    With the better agencies, the price you see is the final price, all-inclusive. However, with some agencies, especially incalls for some reason, the price only covers bj and fs. Many extras, such as daty or cim available for a few more bucks While it may spoil the mood, you may want to enquire what`s included and what is not before exchanging any funds. Here`s one of many examples of what I mean -- go to #7.

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    Another thing to verify is to see if the price quoted is the price for your hotel/residence (for outcall). If you are off the island or far from the downtown core, there might be an added transportation charge of roughly $20 depending on the agency.

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    Thanks alot guys. Appreciate it. Now I know it wont cost a mortgage payment to have fun.

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