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Thread: Looking for panties

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    Looking for panties

    hello everyone im looking for woman who sell there used panties if u know some who do or u are willing to sell me yours just msg me thx

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    Only if you are serious !!!

    I replied to this ad on an website . This girl named Véronique sell's her used panties and stokings . I ased her and she could be contacted on msn

    [email protected]

    Don King

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    ok thx man

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    and here's me, i just threw a bunch away

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    Cool vending machine

    You've got to hand it to those industrious Japanese!

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    Guy's ,

    Please if you cantact Véronique be nice with her . She is not an escort , a stripper or a masseus . She is a University student that i meet on a website and she need's cash so she sell's her panties .

    Don King

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    yeah i spoke with her she's a nice person

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    That true

    yr are right she is a sweet girl, and we should be nice with her.

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    I have spoken to her on msn and Véronique is a verry nice girl . Look's great and she is verry openminded (on msn of course) .

    I decided to ''help out'' in her project and will give more info in a few day's when i recived the good's .

    Btw she told me someting about a gift .... cant wait to see

    Woody Allen

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    anyone of you ever used her service??

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    Spoke to Veronica twice this week . I told her i wanted to get her panties . She told me i had to bid . She sell's one pair of undies a day , auction style . She logg's on her msn for one hour and the person who bids the most gets her undies . She mails them the folowing day and the exchange is done by paypal transfer .

    Fir the sake of it i will bid tonight and try to get one of her as a souvenir from Montreal !

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    if anyone is interested, i can sell my underwear.

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    why would someone be interested in getting a man's briefs ?

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    there is a sicko in amsterdam who pays girls on the RLD to save the used condoms after each encounter..he drinks the cum afterwards...even the girls have reported that sometimes he drinks it right after he buys it at the end of their shift in front of the girls

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    well i got what she sent me and ...
    i dont know if she didnt get what is the meaning of dirty undies but n-e ways she sent me 2 pairs of clean undies....

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