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Thread: Canadian tire makes $300 mistake on advertised tire sale.

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    Canadian tire makes $300 mistake on advertised tire sale.

    This week on the last page of the Canadian tire flyer, they advertised a tire and rim package specialy priced on 4 winter tires with rims. The prices are about $300 lower than the regular price.
    When I went to the store to inquire about the special, I was told that it was a mistake and because they tacked up a piece of paper on the wall correcting the mistake the price advertised on the flyer would not be honored.

    Question 1 : Does tacking up a piece of paper on the wall nullify the already advertised price?

    Question 2 : If a price is advertised on a flyer, does that not constitute an offer that must be honored under Quebec consumer law?

    If it turns out that you guys get to save about $300 on your winter rubbers for your car, and you use the money that you saved on a Jean Coutu rubber and a SP.
    I hope you will remember that I am the one that is reponsable for the rubber you are burning on the HDH
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    If you look at most advertising flyers there is always fine print that states something to the effect that they are not responsible for errors in quoted prices or descriptions. If the price is actually affixed to the article in question they do have to honor the price, but not in print or web advertising as far as I am aware.

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    When you make a scene at the store to get the tires.....................

    Get the name of the clerk, and then the department manager and then the store manager. You can now threaten to sue them for the difference.
    It will cost them more than the $300 difference if all three are called to small claims court.
    They may offer you $50 or $100 off the price to go away, do not accept it, they are only doing this because they are scared.

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    #1 mistake is going to canadian tire for any car work. Do not go to them, you should hear some of the horror stories, and seen some of the shady work i've seen coming from them.

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    To the best of my knowledge, they have to sell one set at the advertised price.

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    Last winter (or the year before), on Leons website, they had a stove for $200 less than any competitors. I went to their Ste.Foy branch and they never wanted to sell that stove for that price. When the clerks were looking for the quickest way to get the backstore door, I asked for the branch manager, then told him about the Quebec consumer protection act (aka as a POS full of loopholes) and they refered me to some mysterious fine lines. In that type of context, I have much better luck at the grocery store when they scan the wrong price and have to let it go for free. Under $10, it is a freebie. Over $10, the lowest price minus $10.

    Edit: http://www2.publicationsduquebec.gou.../P40_1R0_2.HTM
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    I got my tires!

    Do not be rude. Ask the clerk if it is the right price or a mistake, he will tell you it is a mistake and then point at a paper on the wall and tell you because they placed the paper notifying the customers that it is a mistake they will not give it to you. At that point you should ask for the department manager, he will tell you the same story. The next step is the store manager, he also will tell you the same story. Take all their names and tell them that you will be calling the head office of canadian tire and that you think that there is consumer law to back you up.
    It was at this point that the manager tells me that he will give me the tires at the advertised price. They are now in the truk of my car ( rims and tires) waiting to be installed when I see the first snow flake.


    These are goodyear Nordic tires, and even if they were Canadian tire brand tires ( they are phasing out their own house brands and selling well know brands ) they would still be better than even the best all-season tires on slush, snow, or ice.
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    Retialers have absolutely no obligation to sell anything at an erroneous advertised TV, radio, newpaper or flyer price.
    Does it make sense to bankrupt or force the closing of an an automoble dealership because a typo error stating $4500 instead of $45,000 on Cadillacs has attracted 1000 customers? Think about it.

    However, when prices are incorrect on product price labels or signs in stores and this is discovered when you arrive at the cash register.
    There are laws that penalize the retailer & reward the buyer.
    And this penalty/reward is more than the price diffrence. It is actually punitive.

    The retailer of course has to go and fix his signs & labels. Otherwise it can happen again.

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    For all you guys ( and gals ) that did not get you $300 off on the winter tires and rim deal last week at CDN tire. I can tell you that several people I know called up CDN tire and complained that they went to 3 or 4 stores and was refused the deal.
    For these people CDN tire gave them a $50 to $100 credit in CDN tire money as a consolation for not getting the deal.

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