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Thread: CFCF12 talking about Street Prostitution today

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    CFCF12 talking about Street Prostitution today

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    Did they give any hints of new areas!??

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    Of course the more widespread the dialogue, the greater public awareness. This may result in greater pressure on LE to reduce "crime on the streets." Let's hope it doesn't negatively affect the "hobby." Outcall should be immune. Not so sure about incall.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hornyanglo66
    Did they give any hints of new areas!??
    Well, apprently there is this area in the Sainte-Marie district east of downtown, according to the report

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    Will the cops turn up the heat for a while because they aired this program?

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    Accordingto the cop interviewes in the segment: no.

    In reality, I doubt there will be much change.

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