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Thread: THE FOX DEN ::: Vancouver!

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    THE FOX DEN ::: Vancouver!

    Attention Escorts! Visit Vancouver! Be a legendary Fox! Earn up to $2,000 per day working in THE FOX DEN, Canada's sexiest in-call.

    More info:

    Video tour:

    our main site:

    our elite site:

    Hurry, becuase The Fox Hunt is on

    By Carman Fox and Friends, Canada's largest and most trusted name!
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    shouldn't this be in the recruiting section of MERB ?
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    yeah, go poach somewhere else
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    From checking out their web site, each girl has to serve 10 clients a day to make that 2000$. I don't think too many Mtl ladies are interested in being part of a sexual production line. Talk about a quick burnout!

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    Also from their web site:

    ESCORT AGENCIES – here’s a great business opportunity:
    We are excited to partner with reputable Escort Agencies in Montreal. We offer $200 per booking, which would be your portion to split with your Escort(s) whom you send to Vancouver. You choose how much you pay your Escorts; if you pay you Escort $150, and hold $50 as your agency fee, one of your best Escorts will earn your business an additional $500 in revenue each day! This is often more than she can earn you when working in your home town!

    From this it says to me that they expect the girls to have 10 bookings a day. But they don't say how long a booking is. Most likely it's one service. Whatever way you look at it, it's still 10 clients a day. I doubt that there are too many Mtl ladies that take anywhere near that number of clients a day or desire to do so.

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