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Thread: Our responsability as a community against abuse!

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    Angry Our responsability as a community against abuse!

    OK, I would have heard the advice of some of my close friends and let this one day on its own (although I forcefully belive the contrary ) but the latest developpements force me to do something.

    Because my efforts to expose this abuse, bulling and extorsion, have in the past met the swift cover up of our MOD core, I will try to submit my case to all without infringing in the protection scheme that we seem to have here for bullies and extorsion abusers.

    Hear my case out and then answer me, what are we to do, as a comunity against this? Should we just let it slide and pretend like it is not happening? Should we protect the guilty and leave the innocent to defend themselves?

    Here are the facts:

    There is an SP (independent) in the Quebec City area. There is a guy behind this girl (I can only assume poor and misguided girl, if not, as guilty as he is) . They have taken it upon themselves to bully the independents and the agencies in Quebec City as well as threaten and abuse the hobbists.
    • If you have the sligthest sucess in the hobby in Quebec City (as an SP) you are a target (indepnedent or agency). The members of this board that are either independent SPs or agencies from Quebec City can atest to my allegations. The extorsion has gotten to the point of threatening with bodily harm if these people are not provided with a cut of the earnings of the said providers! a compensation and security fee!!!!!
    • If you are or have been a customer of this particular service provider, and have in the fact complain or comment negatively about her, you have been threaten or worst abused phisically at some point in time by these parasites. Again, the hobbists from Quebec City that have in fact gone through this can atest to my claim. They have gone as far as to threaten certain customers (whom phone number has fallen in their hands) with cohersion and extorsion directly to their families and loved ones!!!!!
    Because of a decision from our all migthy - all wise MODs, we can not denounce nor can we warn anyone of the dangers of dealing with these characters, the ban on reviews of the said SP and a ban on freedom of expression impossed on all that want to bring these abuses to the table makes it that the agencies, independent SPs and customers that are being abuse by these viruses are left to fend for themsleves and live in fear.

    Now they have gone as far as threaten people with acts of physical abuse by claiming that a recent attack on an agency by robbers using peper spray is of their doing and that anyone that does not pay the piper will in fact be next!!!!!!

    Yet we afford them the protection of this board by keeping the necessary information on their identities and the actions they are doing away form the hands of unsuspected futur clients, uninformed agencies and innocent SPs that will in one way or another end up paying for our lack of action.

    The Mods (particularly those that live, from time to time, in Quebec City land) know whom I'm refering to, but again will chose to ban the thread, send me PMs telling me how the better strategy is to ignore them and wish they will just go away.

    Now, I know I'm going to pass for the American Crusader of the week, getting my nouse into what I shoudl not, stearing crap with my claims of freedom of expression and obligation of this community to react to injustice and abuse no matter what it is and where it appears....... but

    I ask of you, is this board more than just a board? Is this board in fact, a reflection of a community? (maybe a really sick one that needs some psychological help ) but yet a community, how can we allow any abuse, extorsion, intimidation to go on without any reaction how!!????

    And for those of you who will argue that the customers can just stay home and not being inconvinience, I submit to you that the girls that allow us all to enjoy this so called hobby, deserve an enviroment that is as safe as possible, deserve not to be taxed or threaten by gorilas and if there is anything that we can do, even just denounce it and we do not do it we are as gulity of the abuse as the abusers themselves.

    I will finally ask on this thread the Mods, to reconsider their position, to ask the agencies, SPs and hobbists that are beiong threaten, if the lets hide our head on the sand and hope they live us along strategy is working.

    I will wait a week and if there is no reaction from the all migthy Mods, reveal the informaiton that the old gard in Quebec City know already but no one is allowed to share with the newbies in the hope that as a community we can send a message to this parasite, if he wants to make money out of this, he should be out there getting his behind on the line ....



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    BTW, for those who are wondering, I have never met the girl, my only sin was to argue once that people should not be abused in any way, since then I have had the regular threating episodes, I personally do not care, I belive in confronting the bullies and not hiding but I do care for those whom livelyhood migth in some way, shape or form be used to threaten them or extort them.

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    Mod response

    Do remember, that we cannot go beyond the borders of the "community" and physical threat will have to be dealt with the proper authority and channels.

    Mods have never favor any agencies, independants nor have made any threats to anyone, unless they have broken a board rule. We can go to the extend to ban members and not beyond.

    Now if you think we work to do cover up in Qc city escorts, it is the last of our business. The SP in question, has caused a lot of trouble to members, agencies and MODs. We judge that it is better to let it rest and move on. You seem to have a hard time with this provider although you have never met her. You want to pound on the issue, until you get closure. So what is the closure you want? Denounce that this SP is a crazy lunatic? Sure. Vent it out, but when it`s over, in a few days we`ll delete. Why? Because this board deals with sexual interactions between members and providers. Not email exchanges.

    CS, you have the free will to start a new board that deals with with Quebecers who threat people by emails. Save your emails with full headers and denounce that person with the proper authorities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by California Surfer
    Because my efforts to expose this abuse, bulling and extorsion, have in the past met the swift cover up of our MOD core, I will try to submit my case to all without infringing in the protection scheme that we seem to have here for bullies and extorsion abusers.

    Exposing isnt the same as stopping. As Mod 6 stated above...if you know something go to the proper authorities. This is just a review board...not everyone reads this board. The other guys who book this escort and dont read this board will continue to book this girl.

    If you know someone is being abused, dont post it on a message board...

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    To my knowledge, the Mods are not actual policemen with the authority to make arrests or enforce violations of the criminal law. They have no such jurisdiction. They only have jurisdiction to enforce violations of Board rules. When you start talking about criminal extortion, blackmail, and the like, such crimes need to be reported to the LE that has jurisdiction over those crimes, whether it is Quebec City police, or the RCMP. But it is definitely not the Mods..............they are not cops.

    In fact, I think the actual, real life LE would be furious at the Mods if they sought to usurp those functions. In the jurisdiction where I live and practice, it is a crime to either impersonate a police officer or give anyone the impression that you act with his/her authority (i.e. the authority of a police officer). A man was just arrested in Arizona for impersonating a police officer and rape, after arresting a number of women and then raping them. Only 2 of the 15 raped women reported the crimes because they thought the guy was a cop.

    For these reasons alone, Mods should instruct anyone reporting a crime on the Boards to go to LE. To not go to LE and post stuff on the Boards instead, I would think, is a problem for the Mods because they cannot allow any appearance of anyone thinking that they have the jurisdiction to enforce or do anything about this conduct. It may in itself be a crime to do that, although I am not sure of the law in Quebec on this point. In Connecticut, I believe it would be illegal for the Mods to act in the fashion requested by the original poster because it would be to act in the exclusive jurisdiction of the police.

    California Surfer, if you know of criminal conduct please contact the police, not Board moderators. The Mods may assist the police in an investigation behind the scenes, but they are not going to take steps to expose criminality when that is the function of the police.
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    I agree with you, but to call upon the Mods to expose individuals who are alleged to have violated the criminal law is to ask them to usurp the authority of the police. Members warning members about possible criminal conduct is of course another matter altogether. On the other hand, if no crime has been committed, I would caution that such allegations could result in an action for libel per se being filed against the persons making the allegations.

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    Thumbs down

    I also agree on keeping the board members informed of such potential risks. Allow the information be posted.

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    Could this not lead merb open to a liable suit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pussinboots
    Could this not lead merb open to a liable suit?
    If the information posted alleging criminal conduct is proven to be false, yes. I suspect this is why the Mods get nervous about such posts. Because (a) the poster should be going to LE, and (b) if the poster is wrong and the Mods leave it up, MERB could get sued.
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    Let's remember that the member posting

    was NOT the victim of this SP or her alleged accomplice... secondhand information - although it might be true, a firsthand experience is a heck of alot more compelling.


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    Information is the key

    I'm in fact one of those people who have been used by both the SP in question and his entourage as a pond.

    In my case I never met the girl (tried once, was told she will not meet with MERB people as they are biased). Instead I did got a number of e-mails from this girl asking me to influence a number of people on the board (both SPs and Hobbists) one way or another with the threat that the people I was asked to influence (wheather SP or hobbist) will pay a price if they did not go one way or the other (reveling personal information, spreading rummours about their health, contacting the authorities, etc).

    I also received a number of e-mails from the same girl whom will not see me, I remind you, yet will continiously send me e-mails with explicit photographs or herself for no apparent reason.

    I think this is not an invention, I can atest to the fact that threats have been made and people harrased, I belive that information is the key.

    Make the information known so that others do not fall prey, that is about all that we can do, as someone pointed out here, we are not the police and most of us do not even live in Quebec City so what else can be done.

    Still, at least this way the new people that do read the board will know what is what. If this was one man's disturbed effort to soil the reputation of a girl or agency it will be one thing but even the Mods agree (see post above) that they are in fact a problem.
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    Information that is all

    I do understand that this board is not LE and that Mods are not policemen, I also understand that the better way to deal with this menace is to have the proper authorities deal with it, yet:

    1. Because of the nature of the bussines anyone being harrased or threaten by this guy will not come directly to the authorities in fear they will have to explain their part on the situation and be themselves caugth in this web ( but a threat I started on this menace in the Quebec City section had a number of people manifesting their abuse at the hands of this duo, yet it was taken down by the Mods);

    2. I do not, as I said before, have the personal expirience that will allow me to come foward, if I did I would, then again if I met the psycho I will arrenge the problem myself.

    So the only thing I'm asking is what a number of you are suggesting and which I think is only reasonable, create a space where obvious threats, cons and psychos (not only to me or any other schumck that has a beef with someone, but validated, consensus creating threats and abuses can be exposed for all the comunity to see) particularly the newbies comming in.(come on! even Mod6 admits they have been harrased!!! )

    I'm not asking to let me decide, or anyone else for that matter, whom gets into that space, validation is required, a higher power needs to arbitrate, yet if the overwhelming burden of the proof lies infront of us, then the board should allow the person wanting to denounce the injustice to make so on his own behalf.

    Information as CJ mentions is in fact the key! let us post the name and the coordinates of this people, expose them for what they are so that newbies know to keep away from this danger and that these parasites know that they can not get away with the harrasement and threats with no consequences.

    I will post the information mentioned on the Quebec City section, hopefully it will be there for people to read (create a sticky) and judge for themsleves, no attacks or insults, no judgements or recrimination, just the facts as not only I know them but most of us (in the Quebec City section) do, including the Mods.

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    To the Mods

    BTW, I'm regularly in disagreement with you guys, I admit it, yet I do not think you play favoritism to a particular agency or SP (although I do have a hard time from time to time making sense of your decisions), nor do I think you need to police the hobby for all of us yet this is true:

    1. You have, from a number of sources, other than me, for a number of years, information on this provider and his acoomplice;

    2. This people have forced honest working providers to disappear or go into hidding, for fear of intimidation;

    3. I did put the information out there on the board in Quebec City and was taken down by you guys, I got a PM that basically said to me that we needed to let this one die down alone and that the best policy was to let the psychos go away by themselves (paraphrasing I do not have the PM anymore). I do belive that my tone may have been out of line at some point on that thread, yet I was not told to change my posting or correct the offensive langugae, the whole thread just disappear, including the testimoniaols of a number of other Merbites that had expiriences and concerns to share. A second one, that I made sure, followed all rules concerning the type of information that can be presented on this board was also taken down under the same premices.

    4. The strategy, as I have said to you on several ocassions, is not working!, people are being harrased, SPs intimidated and yet on Mod6 reply you continue to advicate the hide your head in the sand strategy as the way to go.

    I'm not asking you to take a stand, for commercial, personal, philosophical or what ever reasons, I can understand you will not, I'm asking you to let me take a stand.

    I can even have my text on this matter preapprouved by you all before posting to make sure that only the facts (as we all know them, have confirming information, and can validate them) are presented in the proposed thread, then let the people decide. If they think I'm an ass and still want to do bussines with this people, fine at least the informaiton is there.

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    No cover up did I ever claim


    I belive that in the past, I belive it was in fact with you, I have had this discusion concerning my then belive that the board and your actions may have been manipulated in one way or another by others, I also belive that after discusion with you and other members of MERB I did post an act of contriction where I mention that my belives that the board and or your actions where being manipulated or that you where in fact covering something up, were exagerated.

    It is public, so again, I do not claim, nor did I ever did on this thread that you guys are covering anything up. I do claim that there have been actions taken (taking threads down, sending PMs) with the clear intention to have this subject off the board, and block any attempt to make public the menace this people are.

    Everytime this happends the reason is the same, well if we ignore them they will go away. They in fact have not.

    I dear friend and SP in the Quebec City region (Indy) has decided to quit because of the harrassement received by this parasites, I have been sent several e-mails with the type of ridiculous threats they use (I will in fact foward them to you).

    What ticks me off is the fact that they can get away with this and be afford the protection of anonimity by the board, so in fact more innocent fall prey to this group because we do not want to make the info public.

    I read from Mod6, That I can in fact denounce this in the proper section, and I will, I just hope that you guys let me, as I said I will be willing to have everything sanitized so only the facts are provided.

    It is nor personal to you or any Mod, I just do not always and probably will not always agree with you guys.
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