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Thread: The Military Commissions Act: Habeus Corpus dies and America yawns

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    The Military Commissions Act: Habeus Corpus dies and America yawns

    Why are we so complacent as our freedoms are taken one by one?

    Today the Despot known as George Bush signed the Military Commissions Act into law. The gist of it is that any person deemed to be an 'enemy combatant' or even one who has given material aid to an enemy combatant, can be held without charge, indefinitely.

    Across America, I can hear millions of soccer moms and nascar dads yawning and saying, "he's protecting us from terrorists."

    Who protects us from him, then? Enemy combatant could really mean anything, including political enemy of the president. What's sad is that most reading this will probably scoff at what I say, and call me an alarmist. Well, I'll see you at Gitmo, then.

    What's to stop a lame duck president from using this law, these new powers from labeling Americans as terrorists, using the powers of the oval office to spin a lie as truth, and incarcerating those who oppose him? Public opinion? Hasn't stopped him before. Congress? Our rubber stamp Republican congress just gave him the authority. Amazing how Republicans, who once stood for small government, are now willing to vote for an omnipotent president with despot like powers.

    And don't even get me started on torture. Waterboarding, up to and including organ failure and death is okay? Jesus, we prosecuted Nazi's for waterboarding after WWII.

    We've already lost the war on terror...we've ceded our rights, which is more than the terrorists could have ever dreamed of accomplishing on their own. Wow. And all Americans can do is yawn.
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    I'm just waiting for them to tie hobbying with terrorism. Remember when they said buying drugs supports terrorism?

    I can see it now. Commercials showing pimps and terrorists in cahoots.

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    ever wondered who's giving Bush all that great advice?

    well, check this out!

    the guy is making a mockery of his office

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