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Thread: Watch Your Lottery Tickets! Scam!

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    Watch Your Lottery Tickets! Scam!

    Best to find a machine where you can verify your own 649, Super 7 etc. The latest scam is for counter clerks to switch your ticket when they go to their machine behind the counter. They verify a non-winner and after you have left the store, scan yours. The story broke on the Fifth Estate tonight but apparently this has happened in the states also.

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    Two obvious counter-measures

    1 Check your own tickets on or, if in a store, ask for a printout.

    2 Mark the ticket and ask for it back even if if not declared a winner.

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    The best to do

    To make sure:

    1- Check your ticket (mark it as said before) or if you always take the same number then you know it's your ticket;

    2- After validation, take it back with the validation paper and verify your ticket registration number and compare it to the validation number. Have to be the same!

    Good luck!
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    When you buy your ticket, write your personal info on the back of it in the space provided. This way no one else can cash it.

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