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Thread: 1915 Price List from Paris Brothel

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    1915 Price List from Paris Brothel

    Below is a price list from a Paris whorehouse in 1915. It was posted in another thread on MERB by iMaude who has an interest in the history of prostitution. The original can be seen by clicking in the link in this quote:

    Quote Originally Posted by iMaude
    Un document intéressant qu'un client m'a fait parvenir...

    Je sais pas si c'est vrai, mais en tout cas je l'ai trouvé drôle et intéressant. :-)
    I got a kick out of it, not only because of the acts described in it, but also because of some of the expressions used.

    I thought it was a shame that those unfamiliar with French would miss out, so I have translated it. It is about 98 per cent accurate, only because sexual vernacular evolves quickly, so some of the terms may now be obsolete. Also, the French often use unusual terms to describe certain acts, e.g. minette (little kitten) = DATY, so the context is important in translating them.

    I have no idea what "chauffage au gaz" is, so I just translated it as "gas heater". I LOVE the expression "glougloutage du poireau" (slurping of the leek) for "blowjob", but "tête bègue" has me buffaloed. "Bègue" means stammerer, and "tête bègue" is a term referring to the accordion-style folding of paper or cloth, but I had to infer from the context that it means the man on top in 69. I translated "bar bitras" as "cock", because I could not find that expression anywhere, but it is obvious from the context. Likewise, I translated "pieurs" as "swimmers" (sperm). I also have no idea what a "médium" is. Another wonderful expression is "boyau chahuteur" (rowdy hose) for "cock".

    "Pissette sur la Quéquette " is funny, because of the different meanings in France and Québec. "Pissette" in the price list obviously means a golden shower and "quéquette" means "cock", but in Québec, "pissette" also means "cock".

    I tried to duplicate the format of the original, but this board's software won't allow it. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it and get a good laugh out of it.


    Miss Marcelle Lapompe

    1915 Price List replacing all previous issues

    Handjob, regular 0.33
    With ball tickling 1.75
    Little finger in asshole, extra 0.50
    Medium 0.12
    Fucking doggy style,
    with nightshirt 5.85
    without nightshirt 5.45
    naked 5.95
    In bed, everything included 6.00
    DATY in the evening 3.00
    15 centimes extra for candle
    Fucking in bed, first shot 4.50
    Extra, per shot 0.50
    After midnight,
    extra 0.10
    There will be an extra charge of one franc for doing it in the dark
    Slurping of the leek with hand pressure 3.50
    No withdrawal,
    all in the mouth 4.50

    I would remark, in passing, that sucking is not expensive, since many women
    don’t have a strong enough will to take the arrival of the sperm, and they back
    off at the psychological moment, which spoils all the pleasure.

    With me, no fear, I don’t abandon the cock until it no longer spits out swimmers.

    Once undressed, you catch a big fly and remove its wings. When you are in the
    bathtub, you pull back your foreskin and expose the head of your “gnieu-gnieu”,
    placing the fly on top. The poor creature turns around, searching for solid ground,
    fearing drowning. It doesn’t dare to jump into the water, so much so that the
    continual tickling leads to great pleasure, resulting in an orgasm.
    69, woman on back 3.00
    Tongue in the asshole
    (in great demand), extra 1.00
    69, woman on top 1.75

    If the DATY is well done, I’ll give the skilled pussylicker a freebie.
    Trip to yellow land, with maid 4.90
    “ “ “ “ , with boy 4.95

    We coat the rowdy hose with soap, as well as the accessories. Rubbing
    with both hands leads you to a sweet finish.

    Marseille soap 3.00
    Congo soap 3.75
    The same with potter’s earth 3.45


    The man is seated on the chair, his legs extended. The woman straddles him,
    the opening of her snatch very close to his member. The man holds the
    woman by the flanks with both hands at hip height. By applying high pressure,
    he can stop the jet stream at will, until he can no longer hold back. He then
    thrusts himself into her moist pleasure den.

    PRICE 5.45

    Be sure to have the woman drink a few beers first.
    DATY end-to-end, man between woman's legs 3.05

    You can request the participation of the woman in giving you a “rose petal”,
    in other words, sucking on your asshole, which is very delightful.

    One franc per five minutes

    Handjob with right hand 3.10
    Hot handjob 3.10
    Gas heater 3.05


    Before having your leek slurped, get the provider to suck on a mint - delightful warming sensation.

    69 Black Cat Street
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    Prices in francs.

    I was told stories buy an old geezer that the prices in the 50s and 60s in Montreal were not that far away from these prices. $5 for full sex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J. Peterman
    I was told stories buy an old geezer that the prices in the 50s and 60s in Montreal were not that far away from these prices. $5 for full sex.

    Believable but back then 5$ didnt have the same value it has today

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    This is very cool!

    Thanks for the information! I will file it away in my memory banks.

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    handjob with fly.......................?

    Try asking an SP to do something like that for you today and see if you get blacklisted from all the agencies......

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    A friend recently sent me the 1915 ad by "mademoiselle Marcelle Lapompe" (see link in original post). LMFAO! I was looking forward to sharing it with you, but it appears Avery found it six years ago.

    Nonetheless, for all the youngsters here, it's worth a look.

    Notice the poetry of the French descriptions. Nicer than acronyms, no?

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    I'm certain that back in the day the women were more enthousiastic about there jobs and you got more than your moneys worth lol

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    bring back those rates,lol

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    If you are paying rates like that, then you might be paying half a weeks wages for the hour.

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    ball tickling...1.75!! what a rip off.
    "I need more sex, OK? Before I die I wanna taste everyone in the world." Angelina Jolie

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    I Had my 1st Prostate massage BJ on St. Denis St. in Paris about 20 years ago. I think it was 100Francs or as I remember about $50can. The interesting thing about it was that I did not ask for the finger up the ass. She put it in strait away like it was an expected thing with all of her clients. Let me tell you she was an absolute jackhammer on my cock. It still ranks as my best ever orgasm despite the condom. Went back the next night and because I was a repeat client she blew me twice for the price of one. For the 2nd shot she made me stand by the window (3rd floor) and look down on the Street while she went to work on her knees. Back then there were always dozens of SW on St. Denis St. and there were more than a few hotty young ones that I had an eye on. She seem to know this and during the BJ she would occasionally stop and get up to give me the sloppiests DFK while telling me to look at all the young "putes" that I was going to fuck in the comming days. What a turn-on. She was nice looking although not exactly my type but I came back to her again the next night and she enthusiastically handled me for another 2 shots. In 10 other trips to Paris I looked long and hard for her but no luck. I had a few other memorable experiences but none like Emma.

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