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Thread: "hummer"?

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    The UrbanDictionary gives the following definition of ``hummer``:

    ``No, not the SUV, an extremely pleasureable type of oral sex which involves the female humming to create a vibrating sensation in the penis during oral sex.``

    Has anyone ever got one of these? I can`t recall ever receiving one although I might have hummed myself in pleasure on the receiving end of an especially good .


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    Hummm! something to ponder about and ask for on my next encounter with my favorites SPs

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    Yes, It's quite nice. Do it to her too, just hum a love song, not 99 bottles of beer on the wall.

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    Isn't it a bit distracting ?

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    Try this, get them to put your nuts in their mouth, they can only fit one usually, two if they have a big mouth..........and hum away. Feels, used to have an old girlfriend that did this like a champ while giving me a hand job.


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