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Thread: advertisers..please read

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    advertisers..please read

    Please restrict your promotions to one a day if at all possible. Everyone wants to be on page. 1 of the advertising forum. Therefore, out of consideration for other advertisers please think about what you are going to say and summarize it in one thread to avoid the necessity for duplication.
    Thank you for your understanding.
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    Note to all advertisers:

    The "MERB Advertisers Only" section is for advertisers. It obviously means that only advertisers can create threads here, but it is also implies that those threads belong to whoever created them.

    It is considered bad practice for another agency or service provider to post in a competitor's/non-associated advertising thread, and in the past we PM'd the offenders. There seems to be a trend lately and this happens more and more often. Please note this will not be tolerated anymore and such posts will be deleted. Suspensions may be given to repetitive offenders.

    Please note also, the advertising section is for advertising and not for lounge discussions.


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