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Thread: Pierre Gemayel assassinated

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    Pierre Gemayel assassinated

    A suspected Syrian sanctionned assassination.

    La Presse

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    You have to have balls the size of coconuts to get into politics in Lebanon.

    "It's an interesting coincidence that eight of the last political assassinations in Lebanon have all been conducted against anti-Syrian politicians," Bolton said. "One can follow the logic there."

    But Imad Moustapha, the Syrian ambassador to the United States, said his government was "categorically not" behind Gemayel's killing. Moustapha suggested the killings were an attempt to damage movement toward closer cooperation between Washington and Damascus over Iraq.

    "Isn't it strange that whenever the situation would become slightly, slightly toward engagement with Syria, every time this happens, immediately an assassination takes place?" he asked.

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    Isn't Gemayel a christian?

    Hi hydragoat!
    More than beeing anti-syrian, i think he is a christian, isn't he?
    Maybe another murder from the religion of peace!
    And what do you think about the dhimmicrates who don't want
    to see that genius man named John Bolton as the US ambassador to
    the U.N.?


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