My ex-wife convinced me to do this, since I spend about 350 days a year in a state of roid rage.

1) My family. Yeah, they're a PITA, too, whose family isn't, but they're my family, they're good to me, and I'm thankful for them. Even my ex-wife and her family (except her mom) are still like family to me

2) My health. Obviously not my mental health, as that's fucked, but physically, I'm very fortunate.

3) My job-talked to two women, one in another branch of my company, one just a friend, who are being laid off right at the holiday season. The one in my company is just politics, another woman's fear of being replaced

4) The military-I'm glad there are people more disciplined than me willing to risk and sacrifice for the rest of us

5) Daisuke Matsuzaka

6) Scientists and doctors-I know that's a strange thing to be thankful for...I started lifting weights five or six months ago and I've made gains that wouldn't have been possible with my genetics a generation ago, thanks to alot of research by strangers, and the former-well, I'll need them someday, I'm sure

7) Sports