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Thread: Harper in for next years.

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    Harper in for next years.

    Like it or not. Stéphane Dion's win of the liberal party leadership has given Steven Harper an overwhelming edge.

    Dion is hopelessly disliked in Québec.
    Any semblance of a liberal party rebirth has evaporated.

    Bob Rae was the best choice. (I know his brother in with Chrétien)

    It is as if the liberal party has again stuck a finger in its eye. Further proof that medicrity gravitates to what the mediocre thinks is the best chance of getting their ass elected.

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    The Liberal Party is dead - murdered by Paul Martin and the stupidity of its members. Maybe one day it will be reborn. This is not a knock on Dion who actually seems to be one of the rare Liberals with vision and integrity. What on earth is a guy like this doing in the Liberals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hydragoat
    Like it or not. Stéphane Dion's win of the liberal party leadership has given Steven Harper an overwhelming edge.

    Dion is hopelessly disliked in Québec.
    Any semblance of a liberal party rebirth has evaporated.

    Bob Rae was the best choice. (I know his brother in with Chrétien)

    It is as if the liberal party has again stuck a finger in its eye. Further proof that medicrity gravitates to what the mediocre thinks is the best chance of getting their ass elected.
    Whoever won yesterday, the Liberals will still lose the next election. The problem is that none of the candidates were exceptional.

    While I like Dion and think that he has integrity, regardless of the spin that people put on it, he is disliked in Quebec and not really known outside of Ontario/Quebec.

    Bob Rae was premier of the NDP and people in Ontario blame him for the economic crisis and financial mismanagement that happened while he was premier of Ontario. He also switched parties so people don't know whether he is a liberal or an NDP. Harper would have used this against Rae. You can't win a majority government without Ontario and I don't believe that Ontarians have forgotten Rae's mismanagement as premier of their province.

    Michael Ignatieff was out of Canada for a large number of years and wants to be PM? He also has a habit of speaking before he thinks of the consequences (like his war crimes comment regarding what is happening in the Middle East and starting the Quebec Nation debate at this time).

    The only liberal leader that might have won for the liberals would have been one of the big names that didn't enter the federal liberal leadership compaign. Names such as Frank McKenna, John Manley, etc.

    Harper will win the next federal election unless he commits a major gaffe. There is no question in my mind regarding this and regardless of which of the top 3 contenders won yesterday (Ignatieff, Rae, Dion), Harper will still win against them.

    I'm interested in seeing what Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae does now that they lost the leadership. My guess is that Rae will not seek a seat in the House of Commons (he doesn't have a seat and "became" a Liberal leadership candidate) and Ignatieff seems to just have come back to Canada to be Liberal leader. Now that Michael Ignatieff didn't win, I'm not sure how long he will stay in Canada and how long he will keep his seat (I believe that he won a seat for the sole purpose of the leadership race).

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    Both Rae and Ignatieff have stated that they will remain with the party and will run in the next election. I also doubt that the Liberals will be able to win the next election unless Harper does something stupid before then. I dont freel that Rae would have been able to deliver an election victory and Ignatieff needs to actually spend some time in Canada before he can claim any right to lead the country. Ignatieff also has to learn how to be a politician and to keep his foot out of his mouth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hydragoat
    Harper in for next years
    With Ignatieff, the liberals would have easily seduce Western Canada, Ontario and Quebec (with his open attitude towards Quebec nation's concept..etc). Ignatieff also had some serious well experienced politicians around him.
    What are they going to do now with Dion?
    Dion can forget Quebec...
    Some will argue that Jean Chretien managed to be re-elected without Quebec. But Jean Chretien was well surrounded with counsellors of high strategy and they managed to keep the rest of Canada rocking under their reign. Jean Chretien was also a fine sneaky fox who knew what chess board to play on. Dion doesn't have that charisma nor such environment around him.
    Dion can forget the rest of Canada...
    I can't seriously figure how the rest of Canada would fall under the charm of Dion. It's surely not his dedication to environmental issues and his devotion to a United Canada that will suffice...

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    Some people have to stop reading all that garbage written by the so-called experts in this navel gazing country of ours.

    These same eggheads said that Chretien had no chance against Kim Campbell, was yesterday's man, that Paul Martin was going to win more than 200 seats etc...

    It's too bad there's no show or article where these so-called experts are held accountable by comparing their predictions with what actually happened.

    On another note, the separatists said they couldn't wait to go after Chretien in an election campaign so they could tear him apart yet he held his own and kept on increasing his seat total. By the end of his tenure, these people couldn't wait for him to leave so the more "open" Martin could take over.

    Look for John Rae and other former Chretien strategists to pull all their efforts in helping Dion win the next election. Even though John Rae supported his brother, he's still a Chretienite as is Dion.

    Dion will do alright against Harper. He may not win the next election but he will at least hold the Tories to another minority.

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    The end of Steven and the blue tide

    I am a small C conservative (Socially liberal and fiscally conservative), but I have to say one thing that is kind of scary. Dion can win it, it won't take much and here is what needs to be done.

    Put alberta in it's place, slap environmental legislation all over their ass. This would make the center of the world (Toronto) happy as the balance in economic power would shift back to hig town.
    This is two fold because people in BC, Ontario and Quebec care more about the environment than they do taxes. Harper has already pissed off eastern Canada (but not allowing NFLD prmier Danny Williams to allow fallow field legislation for the oil in eastern canada, which Alberta has), Danny Williams had already stated he would support anybody butthe conservatives in the next election federally, the sad part it all of NFLD would listen to him as he has done well by them. So if Harpers tune doesn't change then if Dion plays his cards right he can nail them to wall. The whole thing was planed after Harper and his gal pal Rona screwed up Kyoto at the last summit.
    Dion banked on that to win the convention, by keeping in reserve away from prying eyes the green signs and clothing until after he made is speach about the new third pillar "The Environment", before the tide of green swept through there was almost no chance he could win, his speach on the friday night was mediocre at best. But after this stunt, I think the conservatives have to be a little bit worried.


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    I'd certainly like to see Harper and Dion in a one-on-one debate before the next election, without Layton and Duceppe ruining it.
    It would be a welcome change if we could have a debate featuring the only two leaders capable of forming the next government. Unfortunately I have a feeling that, with all the complaining from the Green Party, that we may end up with a 5 way debate instead.

    By the way...the latest polls have Dion ahead in public opinion. 55% in the rest of Canada and 62% in Quebec. Liberals are back on top with 38% overall support to the Conservatives 31%. So much for him being hated in Quebec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serpico
    I guess once again the Liberals are playing their pussy politics by choosing a leader that would move them far enough to the left so that they can steal votes from the NDP. They can't move to the right because that would make them lose Quebec all together but the left has potential, especially while trying to get rid of the bad rep they have in Quebec because of the sponsorship scandal.
    mmm... wasn't the purpose of "Québec as a nation" by Steven Harper to steal seats from the BQ in Québec by going after the soft nationalists? Also little to people realize that the main focus of the NDP (and the green party for that matter) is not teh environment, both parties are in essence socialist parties looking out for the better of all Canadians with little regards to the cost to canadians. Regardless the NDP have so few seats or votes that would go towrds the liberals that it wouldn't make a difference.
    As much as I hate the liberals, I think that they are more posied than ever to pull off the parlimentary coup of the 90's and take a majority if the cards are played right.

    Quote Originally Posted by Serpico
    So, there you have it, if elected in the next federal election, a left sided liberal government will quadruple the national debt, fuck up whatever good relationship has being brewing with the US, sell Vancouver to the Chinese, make toilet paper out of the Canadian Dollar, completely isolate the west with some obscure energy policy, become the joke of the European Banks and a good alternative for Al-Queda training facilities compare to Pakistan.


    PS. Positive? Well, we may see the return of all the Romanian strippers in Toronto
    The liberals were the ones who started paying down the national debt in the 90's after the conservatives blew the hell out of it, i'm not proud of it but we did do that, Harper is doing his part to make Canadians forget about the 80's by paying down the debt in larger chunks than any previous govt, but he is pissing off too many canadians in the process by cutting programs which he doesn't have to (I mean come one, when I go to prison for tax evasion I want my prison tat to be done without endangering my life). The other funny thing is that the previous liverlas were on great relations with most of the known world andthe G8, except for the US, before the conservatives took over, the new policies have reversed that abd most of the world and the G8 looks at us like a used car salesman using smoke and mirrors to sell ice (while it lasts) to Eskimos (inuit, sorry about that), wheras we are now the little brother who adores the big brother (GW and company) who still gives us a wedgie and wet willy now and then.

    Harper will lose all the small C conservatives, like myself, if the party doesn't shift gears and pay attention to other interests other than big business (Oil).

    Canadians as whole are not stupid, I think.... I hope....


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