Hello everybody!
Well, most of you don't know me as I was mostly a lurker back in the good old days (2002-2004), and it seems there are quite a few new members and some old veterans left in the scene. I left the hobbiest scene for about 2 years now and have an itching to get back. I did some basic searching and found some answers to my questions. Times have a changed! I just have some non-related hobbiest questions for you guys:

1. My memory is hazy, but can anybody suggest a good rock bar or hotspot for the 25+ crowd? (my group and I are a diverse mix and in our mid-twenties)

2. I am going back in Feb 2007 with a group of friends mentioned above, that do not know I hobby. I will staying in a room by myself. Should I try risking an appointment when nobody's looking? I am so tempted.

My purpose for this trip is to show them a good time, hopefully I will be able to have my cake and eat it too!