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Thread: How do you handle this ? Guilt or cruelty ?

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    How do you handle this ? Guilt or cruelty ?

    I recently had this experience, but I don't know how to handle this.
    May be some of the more experienced persons can help me out.

    I was driving long distance and was tired. I made an appointment with this well-known lady and she showed up on time.

    We went through the motions, and after about a couple of minutes, I coundn't not handle it anymore and went limp.

    This is the first time that I can see with horror the disappointment on somebody face like her. She clearly was expecting a lot more and said "Oh so soon, I have only half an orgasm."

    I was panicked and was horrified to see the disappointment on her face.

    How do I handle this ? Guilt on my part for not being able to perform ? I sure can still feel the guilt on my part.

    To be honest, I feel really cruel to let her down.

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    A real nice lady should understand this. Plus, beside penetration, there is a lot of other attentions that a real woman will like: cudling, kissing, talking, massage, cunnilingus, etc.... I do not understand that you should either fell guilty or cruel.

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    my take on this is that the sp in question exhibited a clear lack of professionalism. In a sp-client relationship, the sp should be cognizant of the fact that it's all about the client, not about her. By any chance, was it someone you may have gotten a bit too close to over time? In any case, not even a close girlfriend should act like this, let alone an sp. Maybe it was a spontaneous thing on her part, but even so, she should have been more careful, and mindful of the fact that you had had a rough day. If I were you, I'd never call her back.

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    You sound like a sensitive guy who cares about others enjoyment which is totally cool but you shouldn't feel guilty about being too tired. Its kind of like kids and eating. Sometimes their eyes are bigger than their stomachs when they serve themselves and they end up barely touching whats on their plate. Sounds like you really had your heart set on seeing this pretty lady and arranged your appointment without fully realizing just how tired you were only too find out at the worst possible time.

    Only thing I can think of is maybe get some Viagra from your Dr. , if he/she deems you healthy enough to use it, for those kinds of moments when its too late to cancel. It should help you get aroused and stay that way for at least one good SOG. I once had a similar encounter and made the mistake of loading up on caffeine to "wake me up" but it actually made matters worse. I don't always use Viagra but if I feel particularly tired or my back is bothering me I will take one about 45 minutes before she is scheduled to arrive. The blue pill has never let me down, no pun intended. Get some sleep man!
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