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Thread: Un réseau de proxénètes démantelé

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    Quick translation


    A pimp network dismantled

    The police forces of Longueuil and Rousillon have dismantled a network of pimps that was operating in Montreal and on the South Shore. Five individuals, aged 18-23, were apprehended. Three of them are brothers.

    The police have identifed 4 victims at the present time. They are aged from 14 to 18.

    The suspects would approach young girls in trouble who were living in youth centers. The girls were then subjected to acts of violence to assure their obediance.

    One of them was due to leave the country to go work abroad. She was stopped just before her departure.

    The authorities are convinced that the victims of this network are more numerous than the four that were found today. They request other victims to come forward.
    Strasser: By the way, the murder of the couriers, what has been done?
    Renault: Realizing the importance of the case, my men are rounding up twice the usual number of suspects.
    Heinze: We already know who the murderer is.
    Strasser: Good. Is he in custody?
    Renault: Oh, there's no hurry. Tonight he'll be at Rick's. Everybody comes to Rick's.

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