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Thread: Miss USA Tara Conner - Given 2nd Chance

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    Post Miss USA Tara Conner - Given 2nd Chance

    As you may have heard, Donald Trump has decided to give Tara Conner a second chance - she will retain her Miss USA beauty pageant title. It was recently revealed that 21 year-old Tara has abused drugs and alcohol, and has had "indiscretions" with men.

    Here is a link to "her" news conference :

    The video in the above link has been removed. Hopefully they'll keep this one:
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    Do you have any photos of her twat?

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    I'd hit it.

    It's also rumored that she lesbo kissed Miss Teen USA.

    If you're looking for nudie pics of beauty contestants, there was a report that Miss Nevada USA had all kinds of porno pics on the net. There was even a rumor that her pics were on a SP website! Her tiara has been removed.

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    No one will ever out do Vanessa Williams in this scandalous category. As we all remember her muff-diving expose, which came to light in the September issue of Penthouse back in 1984. It’s the issue featuring her and George Burns on the cover and not to confused with the revisit she did in January of 1985. Again, with George on the cover, does anyone wonder how he lived to be 100.

    The photos were taken while she was a student attending Syracuse University. As the reining Miss New York, she went on to become the first black woman to win Miss America.

    This is also the issue, which featured Kristie Elizabeth Nussman, I mean Christie Lee Nussman, who was in reality was Nora Louise Kuzma. She is actually best known as……. Traci Lords. She was the “Pet of the Month” for this issue and I believe, 15 years old at the time.

    Really sad however, whatever one chooses to call her, that Traci’s adolescent adult experiences took a back seat to the sensationalism of a beauty pageant queen.

    Traci's first porn roll was in ‘What Gets Me Hot” and she was either featured in or played a major roll in at least 106 more, all by 1987.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asimplepicture
    ... in this scandalous category...
    Scandalous. LOL.

    That's a word I don't see here very often.

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    Trump will be on L King tonight

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    I love that about the US. Some one can hold a job, vote for the leader of the country, serve and maybe die for their country, all at 18 years of age. But god forbid that they should have a couple of drinks. She doesn't need anyone's forgiveness for having some fun and acting her age.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Techman
    I love that about the US. Some one can hold a job, vote for the leader of the country, serve and maybe die for their country, all at 18 years of age. But god forbid that they should have a couple of drinks. She doesn't need anyone's forgiveness for having some fun and acting her age.
    I agree, but the problem is that not only is she a celebrity, but she is Miss USA, a role model for young ladies.

    You and I may think that's BS, but there are political groups like MADD that sponsor these beauty pageants. They have already withdrawn funding from Miss Teen USA, because she was also caught drinking underage. It sucks, I know, but they want to project a wholesome image to bring in dollars from the mainstream.

    Meanwhile, here are some hi-res bikini pics of Miss USA :

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    Wholesome image? Strutting on stage in bikinis and high heals...even in the teen competitions, in fact it starts in the child pageants, is just prepping them to use their sexuality. Then when they actually use it, they are called a bad role model. I don't consider drinking when you're 18 years old to be underage drinking, the US should move into the 21st century where that is concerned, and I don't care what MADD says... I didn't read anywhere that she was driving drunk so they should keep out of it. The entire episode is an exercise in hypocrisy.

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    I agree. It's whack that they're pissed at her for drinking when she's "underage". I mean, she's not a fucking 13 y/o child here. The United States is WHACKKKKKK!! How can they still have the age limit of drinking to be 21?!?!? So here's the deal with the United States....

    Once you hit 18... you're old enough to be shipped out to Iraq to go to war and kill people and god knows what else is done over there. BUT you're NOT old enough to go to your local club/pub to grab a beer because drinking when you're 18 will REALLY fuck you up.... but going to war and learning to kill people is fine. Right.

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    But the bottom line is this guys.....she's Miss America. You are held to a high standard when you have the title. Also it was made clear that not only was she underage drinking, she was doing drugs (including cocaine I hear), she was promiscuous etc...She also entered rehab so the problem may have been more serious than just a few drinks and partying.

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    Arrow Donald & Rosie – Feud Isn’t Over Yet

    To stir things up again, Donald Trump has mailed the lingerie that Rosie O'Donnell wore in her movie "Exit to Eden" to Barbara Walters for Barbara to hang on the office wall at "The View".

    Trump's comments: "I sent it to Barbara to hang in her office because I didn't want it in mine. It was funny, except that it was really gross. It's disgusting. I feel sorry for Rosie's wife. It can't be pleasant."

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    Although Trump and Rosie are both incredibly annoying, Rosie is even more so.

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    Post Donald Taking Credit for Rosie's 'Firing'

    Donald Trump thinks Rosie O'Donnell was fired as co-host of The View, and of course, he's taking credit for it.

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