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Thread: Montreal Police bust Telemarketing Fraud Ring

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    Montreal Police bust Telemarketing Fraud Ring

    Most of the victims were senior citizens in the US, so the defendants may be extradited. Of course, they don't want this because they face little or no penalties in Canada, which is why they based their operations in Canada in the first place.

    Which leads to the big international legal question: Where did the crime occur?

    But I gotta wonder: How can you fall for these kinds of scams? I mean, c'mon.

    Caveat emptor.

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    Crime occur in canada cause they said on tv they use canadian phone line, people fall in thoses scams cause in US it's normal to pay taxes on lottery price but normally they take off the tax amount on the gain not on top of that.

    Lot of old people spend big $$ into loterry and are ready to believe they won anything... thats why they fall into that scam.


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    Vultures prey on weakness, be it physical or mental. With telemarketing scammers it's usually the latter. Caveat emptor applies - but sometimes the emptor isn't very bright!

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