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Thread: hotels with fireplaces

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    Question hotels with fireplaces

    you all have helped me find mirrors for Jessy, desserts for MsV, salsa for Samy, and martinis for Lauren.

    Yet another favor por favor mais oui!!!

    Now I am looking for a hotel with fireplace. haha for whom I will not say.....yettt!!

    Any suggestions appreciated. mucho mmhhhhaa!


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    A waitress at some place on Crescent St. first told me about this place. It's connected with the hotel 'Auberge du Vieux Port" .

    The hotel is really nice but these are apartments outside the hotel in the same neighborhood in the "Old Port" area. Now that it's the 'off-season' the rates are pretty good. For a few dollars more than a standard hotel room you get a place all to yourself.

    Haven't tried it yet myself but it's on my list of "Things To Do" for the upcoming year.

    If you check out the pic's on the site it looks just way too comfortable.

    I mean for $50 bucks or less over the price of a hotel room you can get your own studio - how can you beat that!
    - Incognito_NYC

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    wishing I was in Montreal
    Quote Originally Posted by sundance
    Now I am looking for a hotel with fireplace.
    The King Loft suites at the Nelligan have a fireplace, and some of the rooms at the Place d'Armes do also.

    The Hotel Le Saint-Sulpice has fireplaces in their suites too.

    I have not stayed in any of these hotels due to their location in Old Montreal, but I may try one of them on my next trip.

    Let us know how the fireplace adds to the ambiance for your "guest"...


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    If you're looking for something short term (the room, I mean... ), the Chablis on St Jacques has suites with gas fireplaces available as well.

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    If only I knew...
    Far from downtown but...

    I think the Best Western on Cote de liesse

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