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Thread: Happy birthday Maria & Kaempferrand

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    Happy birthday Maria & Kaempferrand

    No, this isn't a joke. According to the merb birthday announcements this is your birthday.

    May I wish both of you all the best ... and many many dinners to come

    (see ya in chat laters - bling)

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    Wow... no are both 22? ...... you have so much in common...

    Happy Birthday to our birthday boy and birthday girl- K and Maria!
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    Happy Birthday Maria !

    Happy Birthday Maria ! I hope you have a fabulous day.

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    Happy Birthday Kaempferrand

    Happy Birthday Kaempferrand. I hope you have a great day !

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    Happy birthday Kaempferrand and thanks for the trip down memory lane in chat the other night!

    Happy birthday Maria
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    Hey Kaempf and Maria, my best wishes for you both. Happy birthday and many more to come.

    Here's to you: May you live as long as you want to
    And want to as long as you live.

    Happy Birthday
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    Happy Birthday to you both, may all your birthday wishes come true

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    Happy Birthday K

    It's 11:00am, it's Saturday, and as usual, I, the moron is at work.

    Happy Birthday K.

    May the HDH market return to it's grand form very soon.
    I don't know your size so I can't get you a T-Shirt that says "FKS rules!!!!"

    Have a good day and chat soon.


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    May you both have a very Happy Birthday! Maybe you should celebrate together!

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    Happy Birthday Maria

    Hope you have a nice celebration today.


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    Thank you all for your birthday wishes!!! It is very sweet of all of you!!! I hope you all have a wonderful day also! Take care! XXXXXXX
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    -Stella Adler

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    Happy Birthday, Maria and Kaepmferrand,
    Hope you both have great days today.

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    Happy Birthday to both of you, wish you all the best.

    ...question begs to be asked though, who springs for the dinner?

    Happy Birthday again!!

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