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Thread: My favorite tv chacters are...

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    Talking My favorite tv chacters are...

    1) Denny Crane of Boston Legal, played by William Shatner. This ecccentric law partner is the most perverted lawyer on tv!

    2) Dr. John Becker of Becker, played by Ted Danson. Becker is a slightly bitter and abrasively outspoken doctor has set up a crummy practice in the middle of New York's Bronx. Suffering the 'morons' of regular society makes his attitude decline by the day and he constantly preaches his rants at Reggie's Diner where both his best friend Jake (Who's blind) runs a newspaper stall, and Bob the amiable pest hang out.!

    3) Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men, played by Charlie Sheen. Charlie is a well-to-do bachelor with a house at the beach, a Mercedes in the garage and an easy way with women.


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    Favorite of today: Jack Bauer. I agree with Doc. Fantastic show and can't wait for season 6. Have the other 5 on dvd.

    Fave of all time: Sonny Crocket/Burnett from Miami Vice. The '80's, cocaine, champagne, Ferraris and beautiful women. What more could any man want!!!

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    Eric Cartman and Butters from South Park.
    After 10 seasons the show is still coming up with great ideas.
    How funny was the episode where Cartman was a hallway monitor acting like Dog the Bounty Hunter?

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    The one and only Al Bundy from "Married with Children"

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    Tony Soprano (fellow Jersey guy)
    Bugs Bunny
    Homer and Bart Simpson
    Fred Flintstone
    Barney (played by Neil Patrick Harris, aka Doogie Howser) on How I Met Your Mother
    And yeah, I gotta agree with GG. Charlie Sheen playing Alan Harper is great!

    MOONEY: Sergeant, I swear! Flying! With a big red cape! And bright red boots as well! Then, quick as a wink - he was gone! Flew up in the air again, he did. Like a big blue bird!
    SERGEANT: Like a big blue bird....with bright red boots! Why don't you take the rest of the night off now, Mooney. Go back to Murphy's bar and finish what you plainly started. I'll be off myself in a bit and join ya there...

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    No brainer for a true pig

    John Larroquette from Night Court. The original HORN DOG
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    Dan Fielding aka John Laroquette in Night Court followed by Al Bundy in Married with Children.

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    Timmy (South Park)
    Mao (Les Bougon)
    Louis (Minuit le Soir)
    The Cryptkeeper
    The Bishop (Monty Python)
    The Uniprix lady (I abuse myself to her commercials and also in the metro looking at her advertisements)
    Bubbles (The Trailer Park Boys) How come nobody mentioned him? You call yourselves Canadians?!?!
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    Emma Peel. Honey West. Maynard G. Krebs.

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    George 'Can't-Stand-ya'
    Stewie Griffin
    and 'Old Jewish Guy' and Hans Moleman from the Simpsons
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    By far for me the best character on television is Superagent Ari Gold from the HBO show Entourage. Absolute genius role!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Equanimity
    Jesus Honey West....I vaquely remember a blond with a mole. Even at 3 years of age Emma Peel could give me a woody with those leather pants of hers.

    Erin Grey in Buck Rodgers a few years later did it for me too. I don't watch a ton of TV but I could choke down a meal with the brunette casino host in Vegas and the Israli chick in NCIS....can't remember their names.

    what about Hiro from heroes, he is amazing on the show

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    Damn SK I was just about to mention Ari Gold!

    Also wanted to add Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm to the list. He gets himself in the most awkward situations, it's great!

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    Bob Newhart in Newhart, hilarious.

    The entire Seinfeld cast

    Larry David, Curb your Enthusiasm and Susie, Jeff's wife in the same series. Susie has the foulest, funniest mouth on TV ever. I was recently checking out the CYE website on and found they have an advice column based on Susie that is hilarious. Here is one example:

    Dear Susie,
    I was out of town one weekend and my best friend and husband slept together. What should I do? Right now I am not speaking to her and I am still with my husband. Me and my best friend have mutual friends and it is very awkward for our friends when either of our names are brought up. Should I give her a second chance at a friendship? We were very close but it still hurts. Please help.

    stabbed in the back, Indiana

    Dear stabbed in the back,
    Listen to me carefully, YOU'RE HUSBAND SLEPT WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND!!!!! Get the f*** rid of both of them immediately and then get yourself some self esteem. Look Stabbed, I'm not saying that husband's never cheat. Of course they do, they're men. But he should have had the decency to go outside of your social circle. You don't shit where you eat and as far as I can tell, they've both shit on you. Time to flush them into the sewer, which is where they belong anyway.

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    Dr Tongue (John Candy) from "Monster Chiller Horror Theatre" on SCTV
    Evil House of Pancakes

    Ookla the Mok (Voice by Henry Corden - The voice of Fred Flintstone) from "Thandarr the Barbarian"
    "Ookla! Ariel! Ride!

    Jason from "Battle of the Planets" also known as Joe from "Gatchaman"

    Professor Julius Sumner Miller from "Hilarious House of Frightenstein"
    Chladni plates

    Baroness from "GI Joe"
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