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Thread: anybody try live cam shows?

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    anybody try live cam shows?

    Just wondering if anybody has tried subscribing to, or checking out, some of those webites featuring live sex cam shows, and if so, whether or not they're any good and worth subscribing to. Following info provided by my fellow merbites, I went and checked out the free porn movie site '''', and found it pretty good, although there isn't much in the way of movie novelty as the turnover rate appears to be pretty low. The thing is, though, that the site won't allow you any access to one of its bigger affiliate sites featuring live shows, unless, of course, you pay for it . Anyone has any opinion? And does anybody know of any live show site that provides free access ? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by donzo
    I love the disclamer!
    This is a free site but to verify your age you just have to register a credit card number.
    I dont think so!Ill drill a hole in my head first!

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    Can u PM me a user name & password?

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    I don't think it's worth paying for any sex related content. It's easy enough to find free porn and you can download just about any porn videos you could possibly desire by using torrent. Free passwords to many sites can also be found on the net by going to password forum sites such as this one:

    Most internet models pictures can be found on either usenet or other sites that post their photo sets almost as soon as they are on their own website. Here's an example:

    I've never understood why people pay for internet porn.

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