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Thread: How not to run an agency

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    How not to run an agency

    I had an itch for a duo the other night. So I called several of the better-reviewed agencies here and was told they just wouldn't be able to put it together. Of course, that's how good businesspeople work.

    Frustrated, I pulled a number out of the Journal (I knew better, but little head made me stupid) and called. The guy told me he had a lot of girls on, and that he could have a nice duo at my room in half an hour. Fine.

    I usually expect a little lateness with a duo, so I wasn't concerned when 45 minutes passed. When an hour passed, I called back and was told to wait 15 minutes.

    After another half hour, the guy told me it would be like another hour. I should have canceled then, but I said OK. To get myself more in the mood, I ordered a three-hour porn movie on TV in the motel room.

    After this three-hour movie ended, still no girls. I called the agency back and was told 15 minutes. After 40 minutes (by now I am really tired and it is really late), I call again. This time, a woman tells me 10 minutes. 25 minutes later, the girls show up, By this point it is nearly sunrise and I am really, really tired.
    I could never imagine that I could almost fall asleep while being ravished by two young women, but I almost did. Plus, I was so tired by that point I could barely perform.

    Of course, part of the fault is mine for not canceling. But what kind of way to run a business is that? Does this agency think I will ever recommend them to anyone? A reputable agency would have kept me informed if things fell through, and would have offered me a discount or some kind of compensation for jacking me around like that.

    You will notice I did not name the agency. I don't know if that would serve a purpose, because I already see that there are damning reviews of them on here.

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    45 mins wait + 30 mins wait + 3 hours movie + 40 mins wait ... you really waited close to 5 hours and gave these people your hard erned money ?

    Hope it's a joke ...

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    Sorry to hear that !! How much did this "experience" cost you ?

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    $300. But the girls did service me well (even though I was tired); it wasn't them I have the bitch with. It was the agency. They should have been honest. The other agencies were honest and told me they couldn't do it. This outfit should have said the same.

    It's no joke. The wait was that long. I'd already had another girl earlier in the night.

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