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Thread: How quickly things change>>>best agency

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    How quickly things change>>>best agency

    I first found this site around 5 months ago.At that point everyone loved Devilish,and eleganza as 2 best agencies.......

    Well,IMO....XXXtase is head and shoulders above everyone now.Have dealt with Martin,and even though he dosen't like my brother too much(Erika's friend)His combination of price,selection,great lookers,customer service and website make his agency far and away the best......

    At this point I've heard very negative things about Devilish as of late,and they seem to be slipping fast.Not only with women,but with service and website.(also bad rumors and handling of things dosen't help)

    Eleganza has a couple of goodlooking girls at most(I'd say Eva/annabelle is their best,and the rest are average at best)all that and they are 20 $ more

    Satin dreams is still solid,but find them catered to the more mature clientele.
    Harem looks to be a decent place
    mtl hotgirls is hit or miss

    I really think Martin is doing a great job.

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    I do agree at all.

    There are soo many nice SP's in a multitude of agencies and with service at the higher of the scale.

    Lets not start pushing agencies, based purely on what pictures are post on their web sites.

    I have dealt with this agency with disastrous results.


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    Surfer, I had my first Eleganza experience recently (Michelle) and I was very impressed.

    Along with not going overboard promoting agencies, we should not go overboard in knocking them unless there is a pattern of bad performance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bumfie
    Along with not going overboard promoting agencies, we should not go overboard in knocking them unless there is a pattern of bad performance.
    I agree. I have used just about every major LDL and HDH agency that has operated in Montreal the last 5 years. There was a time when Allissa had arguably the best agency in Montreal. Most of you probably don't even remember her agency, since it has now been out of business a few years. The founders of FKS cut their teeth in the business with Allissa. I believe it states as much on their website.

    Even the best agencies go through highs and lows and you can end up with good or bad ladies at any given time with any agency.

    Many or probably most of the posts on this board promoting or denigrating a particular agency do so with an agenda, or else they are made by posters who don't have the experience to really know what the fuck they are talking about. Either way they should be ignored.

    I personally see pluses and minuses with all of the major, non bait-and-switch agencies I have used (including XXXtase), but since clients differ on what is important to them, I really don't view it as a worthy discussion piece on this Board (except for the bait-and-switch thread). Again, I am talking about the posts/threads comparing the major agencies or promoting one over another.
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    I hope this is not too far off-topic, EB, but I recently was very disappointed in a dealing with Fantasme. Is this the same agency that operated under this name several years ago? I had great dealings with them back then.

    And re Allissa: I saw two of Allissa's ladies...Nikki Blue Eyes and Racquelle...and both were absolutely first-rate. Too bad that very dependable (though expensive...$200, two-hour minimum) agency is long gone.

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