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Thread: Hot Babe on YouTube

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    Hot Babe on YouTube

    Hey all,

    Just wanted to share with all of you a clip I stumbled upon this past week-end, that got me hard in 15 seconds!! Anyone knows of an SP or MP who looks like her(similar features)??


    For clip: 1st step- Log on to Youtube
    2nd step- type ''naked boobs'' in search engine
    3rd step- clic on ''ex girlfriend with big boobs'' clip
    4th step- enjoy...and report back!!!

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    The MOD erased a previous link I had put on the site. Didn't think it would be wise. I guess it's OK...thanks.


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    If you actually watch this video for more than 30 seconds (which I did, I was mesmerized...) It actually fades to some hard rock group called FYI playing some open-air venue. Obviously they're trying to plug their music online under the guise of seeing a beautiful rack...apparently it worked!

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