Is there an age bracket you prefer to service? I ask this cause recently I had an MP tell me she almost didn't take me because she thought I was younger then I really am. Also are there certain physical requirements some of you ladies have? I mean if you go on a date and the guy is a complete mutant, hygienically clean but real ugly would you go on a second date?

On a different subject:

I was recently at the gym and was eavesdropping on a conversation two older men were having. Well not really eavesdropping as much as being in the same area. They just so happened to be talking about an escort one of them recently took. I know that I normally come across as a boorish ass that doesn’t see the other side of the escort service but I have to say this conversation was enlightening. This man was talking about it with such glee in his face as if it was an evening of pure joy and pleasure for him. He was literally glowing talking about it. And I have to tell you, he’s a pretty ugly dude. The young lady that serviced this man deserves an award because I would rather kiss a gorilla’s ass than this guy. I mean he’s in his late 60’s and his body has seen better days and he’s obviously hit the sauce a bit too hard. But the way this man spoke about this young lady it was remarkable. Whoever you are, I tip my hat to you. It was a pleasure just being in the same room with a person full of that much joy.