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Thread: Anna Nicole Smith - R.I.P.

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    Anna Nicole Smith - R.I.P.

    News reports are saying that Anna Nicole Smith has died after collapsing at her hotel. Details are sketchy at the moment but it seems that everyone's favorite golddigger is gone.
    And the Lord said unto John, "Come forth and receive eternal life." But John came fifth and won a toaster.

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    Anna Nicole Smith Dead!!!!!

    She collapsed at the Seminole Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida earlier today....she apparently was found unconscious in her hotel room.....CPR was given at the scene and she was brought to the hospital. And now, it's been announced that she's passed away:
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    The amount of times I beat off to her pics vand ids you would think she was

    a gf of mine

    RIP you will be missed

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    I just realized that the paternity lawsuit that was recently filed takes on new importance now that she is dead. Let's hope the courts do the right thing and allow the child's biological father to take custody. That baby girl may just inherit one hell of a lot of money depending on how other lawsuits happen to turn out.
    And the Lord said unto John, "Come forth and receive eternal life." But John came fifth and won a toaster.

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    Don't worry Dee...if the baby girl ends up with 400+ million dollars, I'm sure it won't be long before Donald Trump comes running to forgive her for her mother's sins and offers to take care of her!
    And the Lord said unto John, "Come forth and receive eternal life." But John came fifth and won a toaster.

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    Oddly enough, she passed away right after reading an article titled "Heaven filled with old billionaires!".

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    A very shrewd businesswoman... Nothing about her is on the level... I predict that she:

    A) Faked her death to collect on the insurance
    B) Staged it as a stunt so that she could write a book about her near-death experience
    C) Discovered a way to "take it all with her"
    D) All of the above.

    She may have only had a shelf life of 40-something years, but those double Ds will live on for many centuries to come. How long before some auctions off her silicone on ebay??


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    Wow. I've been to the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

    It's kind of a deserted place; it's crowded, but it's in the middle of nowhere in the Florida everglades.

    It's a pretty good casino, it's got a Hooters restaurant, and a little shopping mall.

    As for Anna Nicole Smith, I suspect that she was very depressed over her son's recent death. As a celeb, she has ready access to a toxic mix of drugs as well.

    The death of her octogenarian husband, the court battle, the loss of her son ... I guess it all began to take its toll.

    She was quite a character; exotic and irreverent, she pleased as many as she offended.


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    Exclamation Rosie Has Put Her Foot In Her Mouth … Again

    Earlier today, a few hours before Anna Nicole's death, Rosie O'Donnell went on a rant about Anna Nicole on her show, The View.

    This is what Rosie O'Donnell said: "If I have to see Anna Nicole Smith one more time on television, one more time, that woman and her paternity tests and she can hardly even speak now. She can't even speak. It's a tragedy all around. Her son died. She has this little baby. There's obviously some kind of medication or substance involved."


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    I have no feelings for Anna Nicole either pro or con. Too bad she's gone I suppose but certainly not a big event in anyone's life. Whatever her faults though she wasn't a major league pain in the ass like Rosie O'Donnell. I'll be smiling broadly when Rosie pops off just like I did when Robert Bourassa expired.

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    I saw her at a night club in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. She walked by made eye contact with me and smiled. Girl I was with got jealous. Of course Anna Nicole Smith was totally wasted.

    News today did make me a little sad. The public will miss her....

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    What a sad sad story and at such a young age, my heart goes out to her and her baby, i guess she finally now has the peace that she was looking for, may she rest in peace.

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    Arrow Playboy's Tribute to Anna Nicole

    Playboy has just put up a page on its website dedicated to Anna Nicole, including Hugh Hefner's comments as well as images of the four Playboy Magazine Covers she appeared on.

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    TrimSpa In Trouble Because of Smith Death

    Another casualty of Smith's death may be TrimSpa, the business she was spokeswoman for:

    I personally feel it is dangerous to put all your business eggs in the basket of a celebrity who led a dangerously unstable life and was not exactly a stranger to controversy.

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    ...Three Scandinavian studies have reported that women who had breast implants for augmentation were three times more likely to commit suicide compared to women in the general population. ...
    This would make sense. Women who go for augmentation do it because they don't like who they are. Sometimes, the breast size is only an excuse, what they sometimes really want is to "be" somebody else. So the bolts-on are installed and ta-damm, here's a new woman! Not so fast... True, the implants might change some aspects of her life but, somebody who doesn't like himself will soon find something else, and the circle keep going. Why do you think some see a plastic surgeon more often than a dentist?

    On some, after a while, the physical changes don't do it and, when they realize it, it's sometimes too late and they end their life.

    I've always said, when a woman want implants, the first thing she should do is consult an independant psycologist. I'd be surprised to find how many would still want implants after they learn to love themself. To me, the psycologist would be a better investment than the bolts-on, with no possible life-threatening side effects, no "adjustment surgery" after 10-15 years, no scars, no "tam-tam" feel...

    There are exception to this. Some really just want to get rid of aging process on their boobs, like after pregnency. I personally know 2 women like this. Boobs were sagging after they had kids and they got them firmer. Not DD there, only to get them where they used to be.

    I don't know but, when a woman defines herself entirely on how she look or the size of her boobs, i think there's something unhealty there...

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