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Thread: Toronto Optician – Attacks 75-Year Old Man

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    Post Toronto Optician – Attacks 75-Year Old Man

    Did you see this story … it’s been all over CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News.

    Peter Silverman, a 75 year-old reporter with City-TV in Toronto, had been doing a series of reports on Adam Plimmer, a 33 year-old a Toronto Optician, who had been alleged to be selling counterfeit frames bearing brand-name marks.

    Take a look at the clip … the attack was got on tape by the cameraman who was standing right next to them.


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    Similar incident was also videotaped recently in San Diego, California area when an investigative reporter was attacked and severely beaten by the principal of a real estate development company he was investigating. That was a much more significant assault than this one was.

    However I would have to say that this Toronto guy ends up looking like an even bigger asshole and his business is probably finished as a result of this incident, whether he gets the criminal charges favorably resolved or not.

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    Check out the rest of the clips at the bottom of the page. This guy is a real piece of work.
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