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Thread: Escort agency partners on trial...

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    Escort agency partners on trial...

    I found this in JDM today: 2 ex-partners of an agency are on trial for beating a third one. These 2 partners didn`t want anymore to share the profit with the victim. The event occured in July 2004.

    The victim is well known, since he wrote a book on the business: Sexe, Fantasme et Cash. In summary an agency could get a profit of $6000 a week based on this numbers: For $130 - $150 an hour, the girl get $60 to $80, driver $20 the rest is going to the agency.

    Oh I forgot to mention this: Tax included...

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    "Selon ce qui a été entendu hier en preuve, Michel Dufort se serait allié avec Robert Desjardins et Joël Thériault au cours des premiers mois de 2004 pour mettre sur pied une agence d'escortes."

    Joel Theriault, one of the two men accused, is known to me. He's a semi-pro hockey player now playing for St-Georges-de-Beauce (CRS Express) whose main function on the team is to act as one of the team's goons. This hockey team is part of the North-American Hockey League, which is basically known as a goon league. I've been to a few games a couple of years ago during the NHL strike and Theriault was playing for Verdun (Dragons) back then. My expert on the league, a local bus driver whom i had befriended, had told me about rumours of Theriault being involved as an enforcer within the local escort business and he had heard a story about him supposedly beating up a client. Theriault is listed as 6'4" and 250 lbs.

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