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Thread: Chines New Year this week end, any specials ?

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    Chines New Year this week end, any specials ?

    Hello my neighbor Canadians,

    Chinese New Year is going to be this week end.

    Any of my neighbor Canadians plan anything special, like going to China town or other festivities like concerts, firecracker celebrations, etc... ?

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    Year of the Pig ?

    Hello my neighbor Canadians,

    This year is going to be the year of the pig.

    Is that why there are so many new agencies and new ladies at agency likeMontreal Hot Girls ?

    Where did they suddently just pop up all over the places?

    Is that a good sign ?

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    Celebrations ?

    Hello my neighbor Canadians,

    2 billions people are celebrating the Chinese New Year.

    Yet, not one on Merb is celebrating.

    Canadinas are not celebrating Chinese New Year ?

    Maybe I should just throw a New Year party with free Chinese food for all in Montreal ?

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