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Thread: hickey issue

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    Red face hickey issue

    I got 2 big fat red and purple hickeys tonight at Cleo's
    What can I do to make it go away faster?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roland
    You have got to be kidding.
    If not, please describe the dancer that did this...have to stay far away from that one. [...]
    Unfortuantely I am not, although I`m sure many people have had a chuckle by now

    Please see the Cleo`s thread for more info.

    I`d still appreciate some help with my predicament
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    Roland, thanks for the excellent advice; I may even have a chance to try this at work! That wiki forum seems like an excellent resource! It has been bookmarked.

    Chef, hehehe, thanks for the encouragment. It would be different if I were 14-18 years old, but at my age (I'm not THAT old, but still) it's rather of silly looking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chef
    Well then, wear a scarf. To complete the picture you may want to also wear a beret and grow a moustache !
    LOL good call, I used to wear scarfs (indoors, yes I thought I was an artiste) if I were to 'go back' it'd be conspicuous. I am growing a beard, so it can easily be turned into a mustache... I'd have to go buy myself a beret though.

    Kidding aside, my collared shirt is doing the trick for now, but I still try to stand to the right side of any interlocutor (hickey is on the left) and keep my head kind of low to 'tuck my neck' in my shirt.

    I'll look back on all this and laugh hard once it's gone... but for now, well, it's one thing to be a randy teenager and get a hickey, it's another trying to look professional with a hickey...
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    Oh My God! what is next weggies at Solid Gold?

    Maybe should be part of the menu you know:

    How would you like your table dance tonite sir? With or without Hickey?

    Or maybe with it on the side!
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    An old girlfriend marked her territory with one several years ago, and quickly became an ex. I recommend buying some cover up make up like the ladies wear.

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    I guess I'm the only one here who finds hickies hot? I love it when a girl leaves her mark on me.

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    For 100 bucks, I'll put a couple of cigarettes out on your neck over the hickeys...then you'll only have to worry about a scar , and instead of rage, you can say you were in a fight and get sympathy
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    Since the thread has degenerated into comedy, at least it was after Roland dug up the helpful advice (toothbrush method was somewhat painful... I went with the spoon... it looks more like a rash now, and somewhat more presentable... thanks again) I'll share this with you for your entertainment.
    I told you I wasn't kidding!

    Chef is full of good advice
    Thanks Dee.
    Amantes sunt amentes.

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    Remedies for hickeys

    1. Wear turtle neck
    2. You can apply a comestic base, but make sure it's the same otherwise it may look funny.
    3. Have her suck your entire neck to even out the area you should be fine then.

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