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Thread: Alan Eagleson – Disgraced Hockey Exec Auctions Memorabilia

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    Exclamation Alan Eagleson – Disgraced Hockey Exec Auctions Memorabilia

    Alan Eagleson, the founder of the National Hockey League Players' Association (NHLPA) and a former player-agent, is selling 98 items of his personal hockey memorabilia through an internet auction that starts today.

    Eagleson was once one of the most powerful men in professional hockey ... that is, until he got into trouble. In 1998, Eagleson was convicted of fraud and the embezzlement of hundreds of thousands of dollars earmarked for the pension fund of NHL players. He served six months in prison, only one third of his sentence. He was also disbarred, stripped of his Order of Canada and lost his spot in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

    I guess he needs some money now ...

    Montréal Gazette:


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    Another example of the wonderful Canadian justice system with this jerkoff serving only 6 months. Yeah the sentence was a while ago and yeah he's not a killer like Karla but the point is the same: thanks to the freakin bleeding hearts and the laughable judges, justice is a joke in Canada.

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    Considering that many of the items being auctioned were given to him by players, I feel that they should either revert to the original owners or all the money made should go to charity. Eagleson is scum and doesn't deserve to profit from the players he screwed or from the game of hockey.
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    Arrow Follow-Up Story

    Disgraced former hockey icon says he has no regrets:

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    Exam question: What is a synonym for the word "garbage"?

    Correct answer: Alan Eagleson.

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    Arrow Hockey Canada Targets Eagleson

    Group seeks share from disgraced icon's memorabilia sale:

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    It's beginning to appear that Ted Saskin is no prize either.

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