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Thread: Yahoo! Music... great service

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    Yahoo! Music... great service

    Hello all,

    I just wanted to let you know of a great service that I just discovered this week, Yahoo! Music.

    Before I go any further, I do not have shares nor will benefit financially from this post therefore, please refrain by posting that I am shilling. I just discovered an excellent way to listen to all the music I want, relatively cheap and legal.

    Now, I have subscribed to this service, which permits me to listen to all the music I want when I am using my computer. You have to download Yahoo! Jukebox and install it on your computer. Then, you simply browse the system to the type of music you want to listen to, by type, artist, etc. They claim to have over 1 million songs, so the selection is pretty amazing. Simply listening to music on the computer is approx $7.00/month. You can configure the system to listen to more than 1 computer or even better, plug into your stereo system using a wireless device or, plugging your computer directly into the system.

    Now, I use my MP3 player alot. You can subscrbe to service To Go. This means that you download all the music you want then, transfer the music to your compatible MP3 player. This service costs extra, and is approx $12.00/month total. The transfer software on Yahoo Jukebox works great with the MP3 player. However, please ensure that the MP3 player is compatible with the service. Please note that iPODS from Apple are not compatible with this service. There is a catch though, when you are not subcribed anymore to the service, the music in the MP3 will eventually lock up and will not be used. You need to synchronize the MP3 with the computer every month to ensure keeping the music going in the system.

    You can of course buy music, yours to keep.

    I discovered this service earlier this week and I find it great. I hope that this information will be of value to the community.

    If the mods find this a bit too promotional, please delete the post. I just wanted to share my experience with this community.

    Lone Rider
    Bringing value to the merb community since 2003...

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    When you buy music, what format does it come in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bond_james_bond
    When you buy music, what format does it come in?
    That's a great question. I have not purchased any music yet, and I am not planning to either. I get bored after a while so, I like variety.

    Therefore, I have not downloaded any music to keep. The jukebox system does not permit to see in what format the songs are available in. I did a search on their website and was not successful finding the information.


    Lone Rider
    Bringing value to the merb community since 2003...

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