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Thread: anyone here has a gambling story to tell?

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    anyone here has a gambling story to tell?

    i know a guy in mtl who gambled a mercedes during the tour de france with his friends and he won...
    anyone has a gambling habit (like me) here?
    i am a baccarat and roulette player...
    anxious to hear your story and tricks

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    hard to be a roulette "player"... All you can do is throw down money and watch the wheel spin...

    I hate to tell you. It's a sucker game. Even the best roulette betting stategy will bring you minimal gains, unless your average bet is over $300/spin... Or, unless you get really lucky.

    Stick with Baccarat... or blackjack, or poker.


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    I can only say that I know of a lot more loosers then winners and their stories aren't that nice. These were all vlts.

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    Gambling problem big time, i won $2500 at the slots in Ottawa last Saturday, instead of being smart and staying away i went back 4 times this past week and blew it all which was really stupid because as soon as i won it i said to myself "this is going in my sp money bank acct"

    In the hole big time this year from gambling and i had to cancel many sp plans because of it, all casino's in Canada should be closed down because it has ruined many lives but the government sees it as a huge money pit for them, next time your at a casino go to a atm machine and look at the slips that everybody leaves behind on top of the atm's, they all say either insufficient funds or 0 balance because people are draining their bank accounts.
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    The casinos exist for one purpose: to take your money (and they are very good at it). Joe T, it would be wise for you to stay away from them...and given your history of sports "predictions" it would be even wiser of you to stay away from betting on sports!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joelcairo
    The casinos exist for one purpose: to take your money (and they are very good at it).
    The only one who gets rich in the casino, is the owner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe.t
    all casino's in Canada should be closed down
    I enjoy going to the casino every now and then. I enjoy a drink every now and then. An activity shouldn't be banned just because some people get in trouble.

    If the casino is bad for you, just remember that you can put yourself on the "banned" list in Canada.

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    Of course casinos are there to take your money! So as movie theater, Opera shows, bars, all these places where you don't walk out with a physical possession but only a memory. Nobody is forcing anybody to bet, same as nobody can force you into an opera house.

    My wife know she easily get drawn in the "free money" glitter so, she never go to a casino alone and stay away from vlt. Plain and simple. She control herself and, when it gets tough, she call friends or tell me. When she visit a casino, she never go with more than $20-$40, never with credit card or banking card, never with peoples unaware of her condition and never with anybody who she could borrow money from, and she does ok. Nobody ever forced her to go there or to bet more! It can be very tough sometimes but she decided it would not run her life.

    I go to casinos sometimes as a customer, either alone or with others, and worst ever I've played was $20. I still get the free valet parking, acces to all restaurants and all facilities and nobody look at me funny or make me feel I should spend more. They even send me birthday cards!

    All this thing about casinos being evil and saying they should be closed is bull. It's a free world after all! If casinos would trick peoples into spending, by cheating and decieving, i'd say close them all but, it's not the case. If casinos were so bad, cars should also be banned because they kill, booze should be illegal, McDonalds should be illegal... They all have peoples who abuse of them. Key words: peoples and abuse, noting about the institution or product.

    Anybody walking into a casino or playing vlt should be clear it's only entertainment and the chances of consistantly winning enough to survive are inexistant. It's designed so you win just enough so you don't feel ripped off and feel you're getting your money's worth in entertainment.

    Now, for some reason, some peoples can't resist: fine! Let's help them! But no point in painting the whole thing as evil! I have acces to all 3 casinos in Quebec, from the "behind the scene" view, and I've never seen peoples plotting to suck every penny of a player. But, I've seen numerous times peoples being asked if they really wanted to keep playing. Would they do this if they wanted to drain you dry? I've also seen casino security chasing down peoples who voluntairly add their name to the "banned" list but still used all tricks possible to sneak-in. What can you do when a guy comes in in full disguise, including fake hairs and beard? I've seen it from the security control room, with 2-3 agents checking cameras and 3-4 on the floor trying to corner the guy and escort him out. And the guy was hiding! Bathroom, behind machines, under stairwells... Took them 30 minutes from when they first spotted him till he was out! Would they do this if all they wanted was the guy's money? Is this the casino's fault if these peoples can't control themself? Is it Molson's fault if some peoples die of alchool-related stuff? We're talking adults here, not 5 years old in a candy store!
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    Hey metoo4 - who said anything about closing casinos? Anyone with a brain knows they exist to take money from the patrons and if the patrons are too stupid to cope with that it's their problem. It's pretty bloody obvious that everyone on the planet gets separated from his cash by his desire for or addiction to something. That something could be gambling, sex, alcohol, drugs, food, tobacco, travel, jewelry, their kids or a million other things. They should all be legal and we should all choose our own poison and if we can't handle it that's our problem. You and your wife seem to have a handle on it by only pissing away tiny amounts, which makes you a lot smarter than some of the stiffs out there. Hey it's a big bad world but at some point we have to figure out how to live in it. For those that can't Charles Darwin had a theory.

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    JoelCairo: Look at Joe T's post, #4, just above when you answered him in #5. Properly reading somebody's opinion, entirely, before replying is always a good option. Did you stop at Joe T's first paragraph?

    ...and I agree with your Darwin's reference!
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    what I know

    is that the casino always win not because you dont know how to play or bad money management but
    they win because of your emotions...
    you win and you want some more thats where you will loose
    your profit and your own money...
    cancelling sp cuz of bad casino game: it happened to me too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by metoo4
    JoelCairo: Look at Joe T's post, #4, just above when you answered him in #5. Properly reading somebody's opinion, entirely, before replying is always a good option. Did you stop at Joe T's first paragraph?

    ...and I agree with your Darwin's reference!
    Sorry metoo4, it looks like I'm as guilty as Jeff Reardon on this one! (Hide the jewelry!)

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    I used to enjoy gambling from time to time (well maybe a bit more than that) anyway 1 night a few years back I won close to $15000.00 at Foxwoods, foolishly thinking I knew what I was doing I then headed down to Atlantic City to keep playing with "house money".

    Well my friends 4 days later I drove back to Montreal not only having blown the 15 G's I won but down $7500 of my own money - Yep all together now DUMBASS!!!

    Oh well easy come, easy go (always seems easier to go than to come ).

    Don't gamble much anymore (a little gun shy) but if any of you guys do put $500 down on RED for me would you
    Try everything in life at least once, except incest & maybe square dancing.

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    Craps and horses. Is craps still illegal in Canada?

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    Wink some gambling tips

    I don't profess to be an expert gambler, but I have come out on top every single year since 2001 but adhering to a few very simple principles:

    1. Avoid ALL "house" games
    Roulette, caribean stud, craps, slot machines etc.. Play only the very few games that put you on a (nearly) even playing field, like blackjack and poker.

    2. Study your games in detail before you play.
    Buy books and read them cover to cover. Make notes. Play with friends or online (not for money) and practice a lot. Become a master of strategy. Know the odds in all circumstances and never go on your "gut" instinct. Always play the percentages and go by the book.

    Why do you think the blackjack dealer has "rules" about when he must hit or stand? Those rules are designed to make the house win. You must play by your own set of rules, designed to make you win.

    3. Emotion kills. Do not get too happy, or too upset. If you feel emotion controlling you, it's time to leave. If you want to get drunk and gamble for "fun", go find a $5 table... Or go put some money on a sports game and cheer for your team. Playing cards is about winning money, not about having fun!

    4. Exact every possible advantage before and during your game play.
    If I offered you $10,000 to cross the transcanada highway with a blindfold on would you do it during morning rush hour in the downtown corridor, or would you do it at 3am on a desolate stretch in the middle of saskatchewan?

    Same idea applies to gambling... choose your game, choose your venue, your table, and your seat carefully. It makes a huge difference.

    Never play any games in the Montreal casino. Or, on indian reserves. Or in Monte Carlo, or anywhere else in Europe. You should only ever play in Vegas (or possibly Maccau). Why? Competition... The thousands of casinos keep each other "honest"... If one casino changes the game for the worse (such as in balckjack by increasing the shoe size, implementing auto-shuffling, implementing dealer stand on soft seventeen, etc...) then the money players will not play there anymore. They'll go across the street where the odds are better. In Montreal, there is no competion. It's impossibly find favorable table conditions, and therefore the probability of losing is much much higher.

    5. Know your limit and stick to it.
    You must have discipline. Even the best players, with the perfect circumstances can lose and lose big. Set a strict limit on how much you will lose (or win) per sitting. If your limit is $1000, then as soon as win or lose that amount, it's time to leave. No exceptions. The next time you sit down to play, you should restart with the same original limit. Don't say, "oh, I have $5000 of house money in my pocket, so now my limit is $5000"... bad idea.

    A friend of mine has a relative who lives in Vegas and is a professional gambler. He has been out there since the late seventies and has won enough to put two kids through law school, buy two million+ dollar houses (his ex wife owns the first one ) and generally live a very comfortable life. I learned more from two nights with him (circa 2000) than I ever thought possible and he turned my stupid blind attempts at winning into calculated risk-taking with much higher likelyhood of profits...

    If this info above helps anyone, then I'll feel like I gave a little something back.

    good luck!!


    PS: If you have a problem (and you already know it if you do) then you need to just stop playing. Period. Get help. Talk to a counsellor. I have seen too many people who play like idiots and can't stop losing -- don't be one of them.
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