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Thread: PSA: Winter tires at CDN Tire 40% off next week.

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    PSA: Winter tires at CDN Tire 40% off next week.

    This is a PSA ( Public service announcement ) Canadian Tire is clearing out their stock of winter tires at 40% off next week. This message is for those of you out there that prefer to spend their money at MPs and SPs rather than to spend a few bucks on winter tires and be safe on the roads in the winter.
    At 40% off, you are way ahead. Considering that if you had purchased the tires at the begining of the winter you would probably have only worn out 10-15% of the tire.

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    Is the special for all brand or only 'motomaster' ones?

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    Special on all winter tires.

    I think the discount on Motomasters will be 40% and on the national brands will be 30%. I have the old Motomasters from 2 years ago, and I find them to be good. I understand that the new motomaster winter tires are from a well known manufacture that sells the same tires under their own name.

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    Darn! About a month ago I bought 4 Michelin X-Ices at full price from Canadian Tire; oh well, I had them when I really needed them, and they are great. For anyone who purchased winter tires more recently, they have a 14-day money-back guarantee if the tires go on sale within that period.

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    I know a guy that wrapped himself around a highway lamp pole because he did not have good tires. Consider yourself lucky to have been prepared.

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