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Thread: Hotel with large Jacuzzi

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    Hotel with large Jacuzzi

    Planning trip to Montreal and I wonder if some of you can recommend an downtown hotel with the largest private jacuzzi (in room) for several days of romance with one or two girls?

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    Talking Wish I had thought of this


    Now I think of this. But I am already booked. I know my hotel has a jacuzzi in the room, but its probably just in the regular bath. Next time I will be wiser.

    Sorry, I can't help you, but good luck in finding one. Call and ask the hotel what they have. Do a search on the net for downtown hotels..

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    Can't go wrong with the Vogue. I've had two girls at once in their jacuzzis (in more ways than one...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bumfie
    Can't go wrong with the Vogue.
    As has been discussed in many threads, the Vogue is a great hotel and does have a nice jacuzzi in the rooms, but I would not necessarily call it SP-friendly.

    The Vogue requires a room keycard to activate the elevator. Your lady friend would need to meet you in the lobby, or at the 2nd floor landing, or maybe be lucky enough to catch an elevator with another guest.


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    Visited the web site of the vogue and looks very interesting and sorry if this has been cover in other threads. So what is the best hotel with jacuzzi which is SP friendly?

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    A few hot tub combos...

    The Hotel Nelligan in Old Montreal has very nice suites with heart-shaped hot tubs (perfect for 2, probably large enough for a threesome) but they're not cheap. By far my favorite for an overnighter when I can have a deal during the low seasons.

    Also in Old Montreal, the Nelligan brother's Hotel Place D'Armes has also nice suites with hot tubs. The presence of a spa with a hamman (steam bath) is a plus (enjoyed it during a full afternoon and overnighter with my favorite indy, Samy, just before X-Mas)

    From my sampling, the hot tubs suites at the Loews Vogue remain the best quality/price ratio in the downtown core. Yes, the elevators require an access card but there is a simple bypass to this : you just ask a second key to be kept in an envelope at the reception and you're date can pick it up without any hassle when she arrives and use the elevator to join you to the room. Did that 3 times, no problema.

    The Hotel De La Montagne in front of the Loews has also hot tub suites at lower prices. A bit crapy however, and the tubs are a tight squeeze for two, but if you're on a budget and don't mind outdated upholstery, it's the most SP friendly hotel in town.

    Never tried it, but the Sofitel executive suites are said to have nice hot tubs. But they come with a big price tag.

    For brief encounters (2-4 hours), the hot tub suites at the various hotels Chablis/Ideal are of course unbeatable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lion Heart
    For brief encounters (2-4 hours), the hot tub suites at the various hotels Chablis/Ideal are of course unbeatable.
    You can say that again!


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    Didn't mean to mislead about the Vogue. I haven't been there in a few years, and I don't ever recall having to meet anyone halfway. Perhaps there were changes, or senility has set in here....

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