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Thread: Encounters of the third kind, with Miss .50 cent Puzzy!

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    Talking Encounters of the third kind, with Miss .50 cent Puzzy!

    A while back I got puzzy for .50 cents ( see my old thread I will pull it up, or you can search for it under "puzzy" ) It was from a girl that came up to me and asked me for a quarter twice and she allowed me to feel her pussy up in my car for about 10 minutes ( equel to 5 lap dances )
    Well I met her again, and found out that she is a hang around "want to be" in the Quebecois show biz scene. She is also in the fashion scene in the Montreal area, and does fashion shows.
    I met her at a business function and recognized her. I asked her if she recognized me, and she said that she did not. I gave her the smug, oh, so you don't remember me - attitude. She thinks I am in the biz ( becuase of the people that were around me at that function ) and wants to show me her "book" ( portfolio ) She has the repution of being a GOT TO DO WHAT YOU GOT TO DO TO GET AHEAD type of girl. I have also heard of a rumor where she use to be friendly with a guy in the fashion business, and now that he has lost all his money she treats him like crap when she sees him.
    She seems to have a lot of SUGAR DADDIES and are looking for more. I am not the sugar daddy type, but am willing to take a test drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J. Peterman
    Well give me all her info by PM, I will meet her, look at her book, give her my honest opinion, sleep with her, never call her back... and then I will PM you about it and even post in the thread if you want.

    How's that?

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    Angry No deal' MG_mtl!

    ....................Thats what I was planning to do, But I will PM you so you can get in on the sloppy seconds. Hows that?

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    I'm up for sloppy seconds.... but aren't we all in this hobby ?

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    The girl is star-fucking her way thru the fashion industry . . . and she also lets random strangers feel up her "puzzy" in public for five cents a minute. Either you're dealing with two girls of questionable morals, or one girl with the world's most fucked-up business plan.

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    Red Paul,

    On the first occasion I met her, she did what she had to do to get to her drug connection. The other days she does what she has to do to make it in the BIZ. Her philosophy is not who you know , but who you blow to get ahead. Or, you have to give head to get a head
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    Tonight is the night!

    I will be having diner with her tonight, she wants to show me her book ( portfolio ) I am going to play it cool and see what happens. I will report back if I survive.

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    My plan is to put out...........and see what her next move is!

    I met this lady for diner the other night so she could show me her book, She was dressed very fashionably but in a sophisticated conservative style.
    She gave me the kiss, kiss, 20 second hug when I met her. I told her that I would make a few calls, but I was making no promises.
    This morning my cronies gave her a call and told her that she was in on 2 shows that are coming up next month. This was a situation where they were looking for models anyways and if a girl had some experience then things would run a lot smoother than if they were using girls with no experience.
    I already knew that they would let her in on these shows, even before I met her for diner.
    I have recieved 2 phone messages from her, and I will call her back maybe tonight. Lets see what developes from this.

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    If only I knew...
    Ok, is it just me? I don't get this thread.

    It sound like somebody's diary on how he's ready to do whatever, in order to screw a messed-up girl, both physically and in a business sense. Just somebody interested in fucking her and leave her with peanuts after he's done.

    Might be just me but I have an ethic problem with somebody possibly abusing a girl who's apparently not in a mental state to protect herself...

    No matter what the girl does, what she did about what, what she's ready to do, or what she did to who, I don't like the pattern that I imagine is forming here.

    If this is what I think it is, I find it discusting. I don't see the point of this thread, I don't see it's use on this board and I don't accept this kind of bragging. A description on how somebody is planning to abuse somebody else is not funny nor than it should be allowed here.

    If it's all in my head, sorry for the trouble, consider this post as non existing and take no offense.
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    Cat and mouse game.

    Metoo 4,

    I am just telling my story of how some people can be, this is a girl that is on the prowl to suceeed. She is willing to do anything to get there, whether it be to walk all over people or to use them as a stepping stone. The only difference with the other people she uses on the way up and myself is that I am quite aware of here motives.
    You say that I am abusing and using her, but she has a reputaion of abusing and using other people to get where she wants to go. If you say that I am leaving her with peanuts, I have allowed her to realize 3 new opportunities in just the last week.
    I will ask her for nothing in return, and I am sure when I stop supplying her with opportunities and advantages she will probably not even take my calls. I am not without influence, as long as she sees ROI on her investment in time she will no doubt try to get as much opportunity and advantage out of me.
    The truth of the matter is that I am quite aware of this girls "MO", and her past record as a person that uses others. This is the advantage I have in this matter. She is pleasant to look at, she offers good companionship for diner. Do I see a long term relationship? No I do not. We are both just playing a game of CAT AND MOUSE. The question is, who is the cat and who is the mouse.
    Let me close the matter out by saying that she has realized hansome dividends in her time with me, and have also realized some rewards. Do you minds terribly, if I go for the 3 holed trifecta?
    How many of you out there would go for the GOLD, if you can some day say I "F"ed her before she bacame famous! ( pointing to a magazine ad or the picture screen )
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    Bob Seger ("Night Moves"): "I used her, she used me, but neither one cared, we were gettin' our share..."

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    I am me, too!
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    If only I knew...
    JP, as long as everybody gets what they percieve as ROI, no problems! It's only when somebody gets short-changed that the problem begins!

    If all is clear, no problems!

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    How far apart were the two encounters? Is she really the same person? I found it hard to believe that a fashion model (is she a real fashion model or a "wannabe"?) would go for a 50 cents pussy rub (these fashion girls are hungry for attention but they are also very snobby).

    Btw, J.Peterman, what do you do? Are you an agency owner (fashion)? I have a few girls who's interested in that area. Maybe I can sent them in for a Look-See or an Open-Call. Their numbers are nice and one of them is definately Editorial Modeling material.

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    Angry She is a coke head!

    John Cage,

    When I saw her for the first time at the pay phone, she was making call after call trying to get her coke connection. She ran out of coins and realy needed to make that call, thats when she asked me for a quarter. She made the call and again she got the voice mail, thats when she came and asked for another quarter to make another call. She was hedging her chances when she told me that she would give me a big surprise if that call went through. As it turned out, her call did go through and she let out a shriek and then came over to sit in my car to wait for him. At this point she was thinking of the coke that was coming and not the dude rubbing her freshly shaved and oiled puzzy. ( you know how coke heads calm down when they know the stuff is coming )
    BTW, my first thread on this matter was last may. (search PUZZY) You may find it hard to believe that a model or a star would be allowing a stranger to rub her puzzy for the cost of a phone call or two, but to a coke head the call to her coke connection is her lifeline. In the world of models and stars how many of them have been spit out of the biz after they have been used up? ( some lasting years and some just a few months ) For every star or model that is made, how many are broken?

    P.S. Mr. cage, PM me and I will give you an e-mail to send me some pics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by J. Peterman
    Do I see a long term relationship? No I do not. We are both just playing a game of CAT AND MOUSE. The question is, who is the cat and who is the mouse.
    I don't get why you are "waiting to see what her next move is". Take the next step, p-man!

    Until you do so, it's obvious what her next move is...get more hookups from you without putting out. If you truly don't want a long term relationship and see this as a "I give, you give" type of you seem to imply...then there is no issue with making things clear. I mean, you did say she had done this for favours...Sugar Daddy is what you said...right?

    Don't wait too long...cuz right now she's got all the benefits of this "friendship"...and you're on the way to getting played.

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