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Thread: Montreal Adventures With A Dancer

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    Montreal Adventures With A Dancer

    This is a continuation of earlier posts I made....

    Last time in Montreal I had another most enjoyable sleepover with this lady.....

    And then we were arranging another one.... she wanted another lady involved and I certainly wasn't adverse to this (for me) new experience... I contacted another dancer I'd been with, camera was bought, time was set.... would have been good as 2nd lady was an expert in an area 1st wanted to explore.... then it went off the rails... didn't happen... still not sure why... told 1st... do whatever you want but have the courtesy to let me know.... and nicely said... so long....

    Resolved not to contact her... I didn't call when I was away... then weakened and swallowed pride when I'm back... went to a place where she would see me... she apologized... all forgiven in 2 seconds...

    And then together last night for 6 hours..... geez.... this is the way it should be... she is beautiful and cute, very open.... but its natural, not slutty (unless you want it that way), she has her likes, she accommodates you, directs you to what she likes (I love having the woman I'm with come)... twice for her last night...

    In door, slacks and thong off, wine open, camera snapping.... God the pictures.... mini round, order food, flashes delivery guy "innocently", friend calls and she wants to fully join us (I decline), do it in kitchen, on kitchen cupboard, to bed.... long, long foreplay, shoot like I haven't in years, talk... very bright woman, good values (no joke), very perceptive woman, teases me, we kill ourselves laughing, mischievous....

    You know I can't believe it.... just a fairly regular guy....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rancho Santa Fee
    Ah! Another $20 and a candy bar? - lol
    You're mistaking me for another good looking guy.... made a nice unasked for donation to her...

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    Quote Originally Posted by orallover
    Dee... if you are having a hard time about what to do with your money, i am always available

    Seriously, I think we need to talk... what do you say?
    You want to have intimate sleepovers with Dee, Orallover?

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    Still see her when I'm in Montreal. Sex is fantastic. I'm exhausted after. Company is great. All in all a lot of fun.

    And believe it or not.... uncomplicated.
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    You know I can't believe it.... just a fairly regular guy...
    Hold the phone here! Did somebody.......I say!.....Did somebody knock?
    Confucius say: Man who take woman into house on side of hill - not on level.

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