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Thread: To Martin (XXXtase), Fred (Excentrix) + Candy's Delights owner

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    To Martin (XXXtase), Fred (Excentrix) + Candy's Delights owner

    If there`s something in life that has always touched me deeply, it`s devotion.
    and recently, I was impressed by the great professionalism and model devotion of 3 Men of Honor:
    -Martin (XXXtase)
    -Fred (Excentrix)
    -The guy from Candy`s Delights (I can`t remember his name...very sorry for that)
    Here are 3 Men of honor who are entirely devoted to the high accomodation of their customers.
    Recently, I was dying to meet with Diamond (XXXtase) and Martin did everything to accomodate my availability with hers. I remember expecting Diamond at 8:30 pm and Martin managed to have her available even earlier so that I don`t pay extra time at my motel room.
    Fred (Excentrix) had to negociate for couple of days with Melany, another girl I tried to meet for a while but in vain, and he managed to convince Melany to meet with me yesterday night. Melany was not even supposed to work but Fred had the right words. What`s more touching is that I once just informed Fred that I was dying to meet Melany and I even forgot I told him that. But on his own, he kept working on that meeting to happen. When he was certain of responding to my expectation, he kept me informed of the availability of Melany. Thanks so much Fred.
    The gentleman at Candy`s Delights:
    I`ve rarely dealt with CD and when I called them for Julie, I was prepared to wait for a while: after all, beauties are known to make you wait. What a surprise: the Gentleman told me she would be there at 09:00pm and she was there right on time. Not a minute less. Not a minute more. That`s called reliability, professionalism.
    I know that they wont be able to assure such accomodation all the time (after all, we have to consider so many factors such as traffic jam, bad weather, etc..), but it`s the devotion of those 3 men of honor that I wanted to salute here.
    And the more I see professionals like our 3 Men of honor, the more I understand how I am allergic to agencies like FantasmeXXX and Ferrari: when they say the girl will be there at midnight, dress up, go to your night club and come back when the club is closed. Chances are that your fantasme or ferrari lady may be at your door since 2 minutes!
    (And don`t even have high expectation when you meet their ladies, because the cash machine will be hard at work:
    extra for , extra for lfk, extras and extras....)
    I am not kidding, it happens to me with both agencies (more with Fantasme to be frank..) and I did not care because all I had to do is to add 2,3 hours to the expected time of meeting. With more serious agencies like Xxxtase, Devilish, etc...I was happy to cut with the time conversion equation ``1 hour = 3 hours``.
    We all know how hard it is for our Men of honor to keep up with the harsh realities of the business:
    they constantly have to juggle between the realities of our beloved princesses, the expectations of their customers, the good and the bad of the business. I sometimes try to wear their shoes and I might agree: how do you deal with situations where, for example, a well appreciated lady is all of a sudden bashed for a silly mistake or uncontrollable circumstances..and all of a sudden, the reputation of your entire business is in danger.
    As an example, I remember a recent controversy regarding a lady who did not want to meet with colored persons.
    Some of my friends jumped on that opportunity and wanted to launch a campaign against some escort agencies
    accusing them of being racist. I had to tightly convince those fellows to not jump at such quickie conclusions: it`s not the fault of the agency. There`s no way the agency has to take credit for the personal preferrences of some of their ladies.
    And yet, you can see how harsh sometimes things can be for honorific men like Martin, Fred and others:
    they give their 100%, they are fair and still some ppl want to credit them with issues that are out of their control.
    Really not that easy. And for all these matters, it breaks my heart to see how enthusiastic and devoted our men of honor stand in front of winds and tides!
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    Quote Originally Posted by player_82
    Pleading ignorance is also not an option because if I'm a agency owner I will ask in the hiring process if she is comfortable in meeting people of certain backgrounds.
    Totally agree with you. I don't know for the web site (for ie, if they add something like "No service to colored person" under x,y thing would be to rename the agency "paradise of apartheid"), but telling it on the phone would surely be the way to go. I know that it wont be easy for open minded and modern gentlemen like Martin, Fred or John to do that (When you call the low-level local escort agencies and you get that low-less old retarded man you expect to be close minded telling you "Pas de nwer icitte", it passes since you expect that from such individual/environment. But well mannered gentleman like Martin, Fred or John will have hard time saying that to customers. Mind you, I am confident, if they are obliged to do so, that they will do it with high diplomacy and a lot of tact).
    Before I go, that reminds me of a very awkward situation:
    I once called one of those agencies you find in Journal de Mtl (that was a very long time ago..i tend to stay miles away from them) and the operator was telling me "ok, this lady is available but for white ppl only. Given your accent and the tone of your voice, you sound white". I replied "No, actually I am a colored person and thanks for stopping me from opening my door to centuries of retardation".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Excentrix Man
    Thank's sir it's very appreciate...
    Thanks to your great professionalism, Fred.
    Wish you and your business the best

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    I am me, too!
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    If only I knew...
    Ok Monk, you can stop licking, they're clean already!

    Wasn't there a discussion not long ago on the reason a review-writing Member would let an agency know his MERB name?

    - 1 short post, without being specific about the who, where and when, just to say thanks? Great way to make owner feel good while staying low profile!
    - The entire compliment book with all possible details on who, where, when? Can this be totally uninterested? Maybe yes, maybe no!

    In between the lines: "Ok agency owners, now you know who I am, you know I can be very nice, now you can treat me even better, right?"

    Nothing against it here. It's not shilling. Specially when most members know the quality of services described is absolutely believable with the reputation of the gentlemen/agencies mentionned.
    I only find it amusing when "thanks" are put that way!

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    honor you said??

    sorry, my opinion is I don't think you understand this kind of easy business model of devotion? Men of Honor you said!!!?

    come on, wake-up!!

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